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El Dorado 8-Year rum

El Dorado 8-Year

Guyana | Aged

El Dorado 8-year is a medium-bodied premium rum which has been recently added to the El Dorado portfolio. Distilled from fermented molasses, it is a nice option between the heavier 12-year and lighter 5-year counterparts.

6.9/10 (193 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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193 El Dorado 8-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by LucMichaud from Canada with 20 ratings

Le rhum eldorado 8 ans est bon et goûte le bon demerara mais pour quelque sous de plus le 12 ans est a mon avis meilleur.

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Posted 11 months ago by Loxias from Czech Republic with 156 ratings

Good value for the money.
Quite cheap demerara rum. Good as a sipper and good for demerara mixers.
In the nose molasses is dominant.
Ona the palate there oak, cinnamon and some butterscotch notes.
Rum is well balanced and mellow

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Posted 11 months ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 36 ratings

I give this a 9 because it’s really a great value and it is very close to the 12...which is my personal favorite sipper. It has a semi sweet smokey-oaky, caramel-vanilla and some plum-fruit notes. Great value for mixing too, keeps me from mixing with the 12! I sip it on the rocks too.

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Posted 11 months ago by Olivier27 from Canada with 18 ratings

I enjoyed this rum for mixing. Less sugar than the original El Dorado Original Dark.

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Posted 11 months ago by jfmurcia from Jamaica with 55 ratings

Had it with ice: it is not as sweet and it has a higher alcohol taste than the 12yr and 15yr (haven’t tried the 21 and 25 yet), but I did not find it strong. Toffee and spicy notes dominate. Mild and oaky finish. A lot of alcohol in nose. I am thinking that it could be a great mixer (and an ok sipper).

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Posted 11 months ago by Andy Tee from Malaysia with 148 ratings

N- Cedar, banana leaf, raisin with lifting toasts nuance, caramel whirling on with some feint in the form of floral, herbal liqueur and botanical. Get nutty, rubbery as it breath with velvet creaminess. (86/20)

P- Much the same as the aroma, crisp, more sour fruits, citrus peel emerged with fullness even at diluted strength. This stuff could be amazing at cask strength. (86/20)

F- Medium-long, dry, clean, highly sippable with lingering citrus, well nurtured by fine oak, earthy and pleasant. (87/21)

B/B- 86/20

Weighted Rate - 81pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.

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Posted 11 months ago by Myran from Sweden with 31 ratings

Tydlige händer allt sista fyra åren om man jämför med Eldorado 12 som är toppen och inom 10 i topp, denna hamnar inte i närheten. Dåligt försök till att skapa en blandrom. Mycket besviken då man jämför med andra som är 8 och tror att de ska finnas någon likhet med Eldorado 12 eller 15.

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Posted 11 months ago by Daskeryna from United States with 5 ratings

I don't have a lot of rum tasting experience, but this is a bottle I'll savor.

Nose: not quite as much an olfactory joy as I remember Brugal 1888, nor as full of delightful funkiness as the agricole overproof rums I've tried. I wouldn't hold this, unzipped for pleasure the way I would with some other rums.

Taste: every bit as enjoyable as my reference, Brugal 1888. Lots of flavor, nice depth.

Aftertaste: linger nicely, but not as many notes as the agricoles I've had. Those are probably an unfair comparison, though.

Alcohol: very smooth. Not much heat, really delightful for sipping.

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Posted 11 months ago by KaemonAwa from Czech Republic with 40 ratings

At first, I was rather dissapointed by the bottle, but after having a few sips, I was intrigued enough to empty the bottle with several friends over night. Honestly, the taste is quite smooth but not sweet as is the case with many rums, but still delivers a very distinct rum flavour, with vanilla oak and maybe hints of tobacco hitting my palate. It lacks greater some depth, but as it is, this 8-year rum doesn't really need it and given the age and the price, to me this is as good as it gets. Really very close to perfect in the category, as it is a quality sipping experience and tastes great in cocktails (Tried a few basic ones, including Daiquiri, A rum old fashioned, Mojito and Mary Pickford, although they all call for a white rum)

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Posted 11 months ago by je_farley from United States with 107 ratings

Surprised, like this better than the 12. Not the best nose but could pass as a shot, not quite a sipper as it is a little tough on the back of the tongue. As a mixer this was a nice find with a full body, not too sweet but not real dry. Think this was a very nice blending rum too, I look forward to trying it as this becomes a stocking rum for me.

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Posted 12 months ago by Skegga from Sweden with 29 ratings

Have to use it for drinks. Try to drink it bare one time and what was no pleasure