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El Dorado 8-Year rum

El Dorado 8-Year

Guyana | Aged

El Dorado 8-year is a medium-bodied premium rum which has been recently added to the El Dorado portfolio. Distilled from fermented molasses, it is a nice option between the heavier 12-year and lighter 5-year counterparts.

6.9/10 (205 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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205 El Dorado 8-Year ratings

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Posted 8 years ago by Michael from United States with 18 ratings

Hard to get this out here in the San Francisco area, so I horde it when it shows up at my favorite shop (kudos to SF Wine Trading Company in Taraval for special ordering it). It's only a few bucks more than ED5 (here in the US anyway) and a truly superb rum! As far as I'm concerned it renders ED12 completely moot. A bit more firey, young, and aggressive than ED15, and not as suave as EHP. But a fine choice for daily rum goodness. And, you can throw it in a mixed cocktail without feeling too guilty - which of course you'd never do with ED12+


Posted over 3 years ago by Eric Dondero from United States with 2 ratings

I like all the El Dorado series. This is the best. A tad bit pricey. But well worth it.

Mixed with Coca-cola, twist of lime.

I love Myer's Rum. Also like Sailor Jerry's. But it's a bit strong.

El Dorado and Myer's, all time best. Just right amount of sweetness.


Posted 3 years ago by Eric Dondero from United States with 3 ratings

I'm not a sipper. Mix it with coke and twist of lime. El Dorado 5 is great. 8 is even better. Haven't tried the others like 12. Almost afraid too. El Dorado 8 is so perfect, why spoil it?

Eric - Texas Gulf Coast


Posted over 5 years ago by Marty from United States with 103 ratings

My number one go to aged rum. And for the price, there is little else that compares. Rum is my drink of choice, but I have not yet learned to review and distinguish all the nuances and subtleties. I just know what I like. And I like this one very much. I have tried nearly every El Dorado rum that I have had the opportunity to purchase.


Posted 5 years ago by MBSells from United States with 1 rating

No bite, just right. Very smooth sippin' rum, a little sweet, drinking it as write. A very little alcohol taste on the back end but not to much at all- very easy going, nice. I drink import rum as my go to drink other than beer and figured I'd give this one a try for the price since I read a lot of reviews. Three filtered water ice cubes and a just a little extra filtered water as I like my rum somewhat watery rather than straight on the rocks as others might like it. Smells delicious, maybe a little honey nose initially, a sweet somewhat cask smell as well, would pair well with a nice bowl of Captain Black White Pouch tobacco pipe if I still smoked but I don't smoke the pipe anymore. On the tongue again- smooth, no real bite like some others I've tried. I don't think you could go wrong picking this up if you like a smooth sippin' rum.


Posted over 1 year ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 38 ratings

I give this a 9 because it’s really a great value and it is very close to the 12...which is my personal favorite sipper. It has a semi sweet smokey-oaky, caramel-vanilla and some plum-fruit notes. Great value for mixing too, keeps me from mixing with the 12! I sip it on the rocks too.


Posted over 1 year ago by KaemonAwa from Czech Republic with 40 ratings

At first, I was rather dissapointed by the bottle, but after having a few sips, I was intrigued enough to empty the bottle with several friends over night. Honestly, the taste is quite smooth but not sweet as is the case with many rums, but still delivers a very distinct rum flavour, with vanilla oak and maybe hints of tobacco hitting my palate. It lacks greater some depth, but as it is, this 8-year rum doesn't really need it and given the age and the price, to me this is as good as it gets. Really very close to perfect in the category, as it is a quality sipping experience and tastes great in cocktails (Tried a few basic ones, including Daiquiri, A rum old fashioned, Mojito and Mary Pickford, although they all call for a white rum)


Posted over 5 years ago by tang from United States with 10 ratings

Great rum. I stored it on it's side and much of it leaked out, but only because I'm an idiot.


Posted almost 8 years ago by Trini Yank from Trinidad and Tobago with 41 ratings

Great sipper, neat or on the rocks. Different enough from 12 that you don't mind having both in the house at the same time. As always with ED, very cheap and a great value.


Posted over 1 year ago by fitnesscoach from United States with 2 ratings

At the price point, it is very hard to justify another even at $10 or 15 more. Smooth vanilla, toffee, and caramel notes. Great ED after work sipper. Makes a mean top shelf daquari too.