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16 Bacardi Gran Reserva Limitada ratings

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Excellent smooth taste with a rich after-taste lingering to perfectio.


I wasn't expecting great from Bacardi but this is actually a very solid rum.
Good nose, I feel coffee and caramel.
Light colour, dry and with maybe a bit too strong after burn.
Overall, a top rum, would not give a 10 though for it's price (I paid about 80 euros) and the after burn.
Plus very nice numbered bottle, always a nice thing when you like to collect.

Bottling date: 8 December 2015
Batch no: 001-01


Pleasantly sweet and light but going into the prune territory.

First opening bottle you get a rubbing alcohol to nose. After letting breathe you get more of the sweetness. I get a creaminess, spice, peppery, orange and light caramel flavor. I probably would make this a 6,5. Not worth money for me

This Bacardi turned out to be a very nice rum, although it's not an extremely aged rum, since it's made on the basis of a mixture of rums up to 16 years old, however it presents a good clear mahogany color and aromas of vanilla, sugar and spices; of balanced flavor and a slight alcoholic impact.

Este Bacardi resultó ser un ron muy agradable, a pesar que no es un ron sumamente añejo, ya que es hecho en base de una mezcla de rones de hasta 16 años, sin embargo presenta un buen color caoba claro y aromas a vainilla, azúcar y especias; de sabor equilibrado y un ligero golpe alcohólico.


A rum well worth savouring, fantastic rich nose with beautiful earthy tones. A bargain at KL airport

Nice vanilla sweet sugar cane nose. Sweeter start into rich vanilla sweet sugar cane oak aged body. Longer sweeter vanilla aftertaste... some hints of caramel and even a bit of coffee... very smooth and gentle... warming alcohol but very gentle... surprise from Bacardi :)


Was expecting more... Should not be in the price range it actually is, guess marketing makes everything premium nowadays

Seeing as i really liked de "normal" reserva limitada i had high hopes! Very nice rum but not as great as i expected! Still recommendable, don't get me wrong! I learned you can not expect a taste before actually tasting from this bottle!

For $100 Canadian I was expecting a great rum. It has a great look in a numbered black bottle and box. The rum is a light mahogany colour and nice vanilla nose with the familiar Bacardi smell. The taste is stronger than expected ,Bacardi flavour ,fruity and dry with a bit of spicy burn. Easily enjoyed neat with a mild finish.

Smooth, with brown sugar, notes of caramel, slight spark at the end, but in a plesant way

I wasn't expecting to like this rum as much as I do based on the fact that it is "barrel (bourbon) aged", and based on the low score of only 7.7 as of this review (I usually rate rums lower than the consensus rating). But this rum impressed me.

I like this even better than the Bacardi Reserva Limitata, and the Bacardi Facundo Eximo, though it's not quite as good as the Bacardi Facundo Exquisito. It is a definitely a great rum.

Smells and tastes of molasses, brown sugar, and vanilla, with a nice oak aged flavor that's not overly bourbon aged. Not as thin as the Bacardi Reserva Limitada and smoother as well, this is better than that is, at about the same price point. Highly recommended if you can find it (I got mine at BevMo!)

Känns som att de ha tillsatt socker för att mörka spritsmaken, men helt klar drickbar

Very smooth. No after burn. This is a sipping Rum.

Too much Captain Morgan "taste". A little bit too spicy, IMHO not worth the money

Foarte fin, gust plin, aromă clasică de rom cu aftertaste lung și deosebit.