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43 Diplomatico Botucal Reserva Exclusiva ratings

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Delicate flavour lovely chocolate taste afterwards amazingly sweet on the rocks to mix with any mixer would be sacrilege. THis is a genuine favourite.

This is my favorite rum. And the best thing is his price :)

The perfect Rum you can always choose of you want to taste something special

It is one of those rums that you definitly want to go back and drink it again. I bought this botlle and I am sure I will repeat this purchace someday. Great rich taste, fruits and some wodden flavour, one of better rums I have tasted.

what can i say. i like most of the diplomatico rums.

smooth and interesting to taste

Very good classic taste. Chocolate and vanilla, but smokey. Probably the best for this price.

Probably the best sipping rum on the market. Very nice and complex taste where choco, caramel and vanilla dominate. If you want a wonderful gift for a friend pick this rum.

Honig, Vanille, Weich, warm, süß, Mandel/Karamell, Trop. Früchte, Schoko, orange

Hey this is what rum is supposed to taste like. Tremendous flavor all the richness you would expect. Buy this, drink this. One of my favs.

I don't enjoy this rum very much. Overall just uninspirational with a nice presentation.
I feel the flavour profile is just clouded and not very interesting for me.
The plantation linup both the 7 and 15 I believe are just much more fun than this if you're into sweeter sipping rums. It's not bad but damn they do charge for this. Not a huge fan...

Venezula is famous for rums and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is exception. I specially like its fruty taste that stand up while drining it on the rocks. It is a must try!!!

Recommended by a Venezuelan waiter at a local restuarant and available at local liquor stores (for under $40) this is probabably the best I’ll ever have.

Nice color and smell, taste pretty sweet. Really nice one that goes down your throath really smooth!

Sometimes I think this one is a little too sweet, but depending on your day's form you can appreciate the complex aroma after the sweetness is gone. A little fruity, chocolaty, caramel. This one should be know as the standard rum.

If this wasn't considered top shelf, I'd probably enjoy it more! Its got a great bold taste. I often order this at steak houses as it pairs nicely with a great steak.

This rum has a good sweet taste of caramel and chocolat. It makes it not for everyone but I love it.

Very good sipping rum all kinds of flavors to find.

IMHO a really good rhum. Always enjoy this flavor. Probably not one of those sophisticated ones by anyway, Antonela d’Hollywood lunes rhum will like this one :)

But dear god this is just delicious. Sweet, right off the hop, perhaps too sweet for some. Unfortuneately, it races quickly to a short finish, dancing across some very tasty molasses and light caramel notes. Leaves you wanting a slower ride.

Not part of the rating: Absolutely superb bottling. The bottle fits PERFECTLY into its container. It is very satisfying.

Dejlig smagfuld sød rom, som er perfekt at sidde og sippe af.

This was my first Rum to taste, its really a good beginners way to Rum World,
Tastes like caramel
Really enjoy every drop

This is an excellent choose to have a nice talk during a cold night or with beach music around.

It is absolutely pleasant and orgasmical the moment it touches your tongue receptors. It's smooth, perfectly balanced and by my opinion the best rum in this price bracket.
And yes, you can drink it all night, no regrets and it won't ruin your budget (;

Na zdraví!

Straight up on the rocks or with a splash of water. Very nice sipping rum.