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El dorado 5 year rum

The blend of El Dorado 5-Year rum's is distilled in a both column and wooden stills before maturing for five years in bourbon oak casks.

El Dorado 5-year rum is produced by Demerara Distillers Ltd. of Guyana. Sharing its name with the Demerara River, Demerara Distillers first started production in 1670.

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98 El Dorado 5-Year ratings

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This has only a little bit of the good flavors and body which make ED 12 and 15 so enjoyable to so many fans. You'll taste the smoky sweetness which is common to El Dorado rums thanks to their practice of sugaring their products, but the flavors compete with an alcohol aftertaste that isn't very pleasant. This is not terrible rum, but there are so many better ones out there. Glad I tried it, but I won't ever be buying a second bottle.

I have spent a lot of time in North Queensland and this rum took me straight back there! I can understand how some people would see it as harsh or unrefined, but it is these very qualities that have endeared to me. A sip of this rum takes me straight back to when I was a child and my parents would give us " me and my sisters" a piece of sugar cane to chew on while we were traveling the long distances of Queensland. The taste of this rum is so reminiscent of the smells that were eminating from the many sugar mills and refineries that we would drive past that it is a real emotional experience drinking it.
At the end of the day , it may be pure emotion, but I really enjoy this rum.

When buying rum from Guyana you expect that sweet dark molasses Demerara taste, which this just does not have.

Nose: Not much except alcohol.
Body: Non existent. A little harsh but nothing you wouldn't expect at this price point.
Taste: Little sweet at the start but very boring. Has almost the least amount of aftertaste of any rum I have reviewed.

If you want a rich Demerara at this price point then I would recommend Lemon Hart (also not affiliated) over this any day for any purpose.

Im a big fan of the ED 12, and though the ED 5 does not come close to that level of quality, its very obvious that these rums are related. The Aromas are very much alike in character. The palate is also with the same robust demerara fingerprint. The ED 5 Has a medium melasse sweetness, that rolls off into a spicy and slightly edged oaky, tobaco finish. Only tried it neat so far, but i imagine that its robust and nice character would compliment a cocktail extremly well. Nice value

This is a fine rum, but doesnt quite have the demerara qualities you may be looking for. Not overly sweet, and fine in a cocktail. You could drink it neat, but it's not overly memorable. I recommend spending a few dollars more and getting the 8-year.

Very smooth. Nice toffee flavor. Sweet but not overly done. Would recommend.


From the outside it may seem uninspiring, but don't judge a book by its cover. It may be just aged for 5-years, but those were years well spent. This is a delectable choice for casual rum connoisseurs. It is a superb choice for young novices. And a distinguished choice for us Captains! El Dorado 5-year has a nice saffron goldeness that warms your heart right up. Smooth every drop. Down the hatch like a champ! Paraded with a mild sweetness with a faint note of silky vanilla-orange, and a quick rum punch that gently lingers... if only for a while longer. Enjoy! And Rum to ya!!

This rum has a beautiful reddish tinge to it's amber colour, and with little/no alcohol smell it's very inviting. Even when mixed with cola, you can still immediately taste a little smokiness which provides some richness to the drink. This aged rum gives some nice depth to an easy-drinking smooth rum and cola. One of my favourites.

Sugar: 12 gpl. It's better than Bacardi Gold for mixing but it's not a sipping rum like the older brothers in the El Dorado line. At the Duty Free shop I was tasting it when a chap from Guyana told me it was Peasant Rum. Ouch, that is harsh! Similar taste profile as with the 12 but not as sweet or complex. Tastes of Oak, Vanilla, and Caramel and starts off with some heat but it passes quickly. I have enough mixing rums so I passed on it this time. Good value mixer.

I tried this alongside some of the more aged El Dorado's (12, 15, and 21), and (no surprise) this was my least favorite. It's a fair step down from the 12 as it lacks in sweetness and complexity. The smell is weaker, and the taste is harsher.

This one comes in a little lower than the others in El Dorado's line, albeit a pretty good line to be in. Certainly a contender in it's price range, if not one of the best.

I went to Antigua and they gave us this bottle at the resort we were. I did not expect much, but I was surprised by the taste of this rum. Ok, it is mostly great for mixing, but nevertheless, it is a good sipping rum too. I start with this one before having some better rums, to warm my throat and palate.

Nice rum for the pricetag (around 25 $ in Canada)
Very good for mixing, a bit harsh but can be sipped on ice.

Would certainly pick this rum over Captain Morgan / Bacardi Gold (same price)

This rum is one of my favorites for under $20. It has a floral spiced flavor that is slightly sweet. Just right for sipping on ice on those hot summer nights in south Florida.

This RVM should be the cheap version of the family, but it is a very pleasant surprise! I didn't think a distillate so refined. There is a spicy smell and a mineral taste to try, for not to mention of the good price. Strongly suggested!

That dumb grab when you just want some rum.
Cheap. Cheerful. Well decent.

Weak body, strong alcohol taste, short aftertaste. Only for mixing. Save you money for 12y or 15y

K pivu je to výrazný parťák, není to na vychtnávání, ale pít se bez problémů dá. Hezkých 7. Kdo nechce riskovat, přeskočte 5tku, 8čku a jděte rovnou po 12y, která je v poměru ceny a požitku za 9b. Speciale 15y mně nepřesvědčil, asi by to chtělo mít víc času si ho vychutnat a poznat.

Found a bottle for around $20, heard a lot or rave about Demerara rums, I've had Hamilton 151 but wanted to try a normal proof. Upon first taste I was expecting something special but found the this to be very familiar. Reached in my cabinet pulled out Pusser's, nope Pusser's has a darker taste. Next I tried Doorly's XO, yeah that's the one. Very similar.

This one took me by surprise, certainly not as sweet as I expected, in fact I found it quite dry.
Good colour, legs that cling to the snifter, and warms you all the way down.
For the price I can't think of many that would best it.
Not tried it with any mixer, to be honest I don't think I will, just sip it neat and enjoy it.
Enjoy, Graham.

It's nice but not compared to its older cousins. It's fresh and that's ok but there is a little alcohol harshness coming through even while mixed.

Nice and light on the rocks. Good value. Hint of Caramel I was thinking Kahlua. A decent rum but there is so little time. Won't be in my cabinet

The rum has character, is smoky and a little sweet.
Has a nice burn.
Not less than the other El dorado rums.

Recently purchased a bottle of El Dorado 5 yr rum, which is a bargain in my area. I am not an El Dorado fan as the majority of their product is too sweet for my liking. The El Dorado 5 yr, however, which tests at 12 gpl contains 1/3 of added sugar compared to their popular ED12 and ED15 so I thought I would give it a try.
My initial perception was that it is indeed a young rum, which lacks the complexity of aged rums, however, it is nevertheless a nice change and even acceptable as a sipper once in a while. The sweetness of this rum is detectable but not overpowering. I am not likely to purchase this rum again as there are too many dry rums I prefer but I enjoyed ED5 more than I thought I would.