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El dorado 3 year rum

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49 El Dorado 3-Year ratings

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Great flavor, smooth, little bite. Definitely my favorite light rum I've had.

Does the trick in a cocktail, but not as a sipping rum

Had with fruit punch and mostly coke. Not a sipper. Nothing remarkable about it. It didn’t make drink worse just didn’t enhance it. Smooth for most part and falls into price and range it’s looking to fall into. Cheaper side rum to mix

Good solid base for mojitos and mai tais. I'm not a fan of the white rums but it's a lot nicer than bacardi white. There's aromas of coconut and vanilla but there is harsh alcohol burn on the sip

Запах конфитюра, пластика, тропических специй, потом резкость спирта. Позже надоедает.
Во вкусе приятное округлое начало, после жжение и в меру горечь, ваниль, сладость.
Вызывает интерес и комфорт на весь вечер, хотя без сопровождения в чистом виде пить его трудно.
Не замечено тяжёлых эффектов от данной демерары.

Nice aged white (actually filtered) rum. A pleasant fruitiness in nose and taste and a sugar coated aftertaste, but not to sweet. Comparable to Plantation 3 stars (which ramains the clear favourite).

Light and tasty. 3 years old, you can see the differences with not aged white rum. À must in your bar for mixing.

After letting my first ounce breathe in a snifter for about 10 minutes or so, that initial burn on the aroma and going down the pipe is gone. What you have after that is very faint hints of coconut, chocolate, and vanilla, but not enough to rival those from Vizcaya Cristal. So there was no need to do side by side taste testing against my top three white rums all rated as a 7. I also rate this a tad better than Cruzan Light, but at another $7 over Cruzan and having to drive another 25 miles one way to replace this entry level El Dorado, I seriously doubt that I would buy it again. It is still much more readily available and cheaper than Vizcaya Cristal, which is it's closest comparison.

Drinkable white rum, but nothing to write home about.

Nice one where a light demerara rum is requested - 5.5/10

Une belle douceur, un nez agréable. Idéal en mojitos par exemple 😋

This classic white rum offers aromas of toasted coconut, vanilla bean with hints of caramel and spice. Elegant enough for sipping neat but best used in upscale cocktails.

El Dorado 3 year makes a pretty decent base for a mojito, but it definitely is not a neat sipper. It is actually better than the Havana Club Blanco, so that should tell volumes of the quality for this one.

This is a white rum that you can actually drink neat. It wouldn't be my first choice, it's pretty low on flavor, but the charcoal filtering means it is incredibly smooth and a great for use in drinks where you want other flavors to lead.

It's nice, white and fairly smooth for the price and aging. What was surprising was you get the demerara flavor upfront, but a definite coconut finish. Dry too. You could probably make an excellent coconut flavored drink with this.. if you balance out the burn and just enhance the natural flavors of this rum, it would be a fantastic mix.

For a white rum it is good for mixing has some floors to it with a strong alcohol smell to it

It's nice and dry, but I get quite a lot of alcohol on the nose, and very little fruit. Was mixing Daiquiris for guests, so wasn't able to let it sit and re-taste. At around $20, it's a fine white mixer—infinitely better than what is offered by the bigger brands. But I can't say it's much better than the FdC 4 Extra Dry, which is simply a better value (at least in my area).

That said, it's definitely worth a try, and if your options are limited, this is a much better choice than most, and I imagine a noticeable step-up from ED's Superior White (which I haven't tasted, and am in no hurry to).

This rum works just fine as a cocktailrum. This is for when you are making a mojito, or perhaps, if you want to do a sharp daiquiri.

A decent mixer for classic rum cocktails and tiki drinks. Comparable to Caña Brava with a great pedigree.

I'm a big fan of this one for mixing daiquiris and other cocktails that call for a light rum. It's light and fruity and it reminds me of vanilla, bananas, coconut and other pleasant tropical flavors. Not an especially complex rum but a bargain and what it does it does very well.

Better than bacardi for your mixed drinks, good in tiki cocktails

Perfect for mixing which it was made for. So...mission accomplished :) Very smooth for a rum that young, nice hints of vanilla and coconut.

After tasting it I drank it with tonic, lemon and a sprig of thyme. It was a nice alternative for gin and tonic.

Nice white rum probably best white rum not a fan of white but I'll drink it

Great white rum for mixing. Simply love this stuff.