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El Dorado 3-Year rum

El Dorado 3-Year

Guyana | Light

6.0/10 (64 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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64 El Dorado 3-Year ratings

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Posted over 6 years ago by Rob Bratney from United States with 8 ratings

Great flavor, smooth, little bite. Definitely my favorite light rum I've had.


Posted 6 months ago by Bamboleo from Germany with 17 ratings

This rum lacks the freshness you would expect from a white rum and replaces it with an odd vanilla-cream aroma.


Posted 10 months ago by Rumdog from New Zealand with 10 ratings

Smooth mixer, strong vanilla on mose and taste, no aftertaste to speak of.


Posted 1 year ago by Andy Tee from Malaysia with 148 ratings

N- Grassy, creamy smoke vanilla with subtle wood dust, also pine and mint. For fairness this is not crafted for nosing anyway, but it smells right with clean and purity. (85/19)

P- Medium full with coal, balanced of light sweetness with spicy notes. Still pleasant to sip as sometimes white rum tend to get a wee 'industrial' but not with this one. Restrained note of cedar, light tobacco, orange peel and coconut. (86/20)

F- Medium, pine, mellow spirit with fine body, relaxing, tropical and breezy. Quite enjoyable even at neat. (86/20)

B/B- 86/20

Weighted Rate- 79pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.


Posted over 5 years ago by nomad from United States with 126 ratings

Nice body for a young rum. For $14 it has a lot of bang for the buck.

edited to add sugar test results- 2g


Posted 7 days ago by Kiwipirate from New Zealand with 13 ratings

This rum is pretty decent for its price point. Obviously, it's far from a premium (which is why I am giving it a 7 for what it is at its own level rather than what it is compared to the really good stuff) but all things considered I think this white rum actually holds up pretty well when stacked against many of its competitiors around the same price. It's reasonably smooth and not nearly as nasty when you take a whiff as some of the other sugar water white rums are out there that smell like they could be combustable if near a naked flame.

It has a fair amount of vanilla (but not too much) and when you blend it into mojito's or other classic white rum beverages it blends really well.

It also doesn't give you nearly as much of a nasty hangover as lesser white rums such as Malibu or Bacardi

Usually priced around 40 AUD I'd say if your blending cocktails for a party and you want something above bacardi this is a good candidate. Bottle looks nice and everyone knows El Dorado make quite a respectable range of rums.

Definitely worth a buy at your local bottle store the next time you're doing cocktails.


Posted 2 months ago by Andero from Estonia with 95 ratings

Nice sweet brown sugar smell, pretty round but without any specific excitement.

Body is thin and watery with some spicy burn in throat. Can’t pick out any distinctive flavours with this rum. As as result of ageing and filtering all edges to this rum are gone but at the same time no vanilla or sugar have been added I think. Feels pretty honest and for some reason 3-yr works really well in cuba libres.

Definitely better than Matusalem Platino or Havana Club Silver/3-yr. real rating is 5.8. Probably won’t be getting another bottle but have no hesitations for having bouhht one either :) Price was 19.99/08/2020


Posted 5 months ago by Rick from United States with 23 ratings

The nose is consistent with other Demerara rums from El Dorada, but less rich and more bite. Flavor is simple without much sweetness or character. Much better than my house Bacardi Blanca for upgrading cocktails.


Posted 7 months ago by MickeEng from Sweden with 6 ratings

Well, not a fan of white rum, but this El Dorado rum i really enjoy, i think its smooth and very tasty, a good buy.


Posted 7 months ago by Robert from Slovakia with 43 ratings

I gave it 6/10 considering this forum is about all rums but if talking about white rums I could give it even 7 or 8! it is a great mixer but you can sip it easily, bit sweet, quite smooth with a point in direction to good rums in its family, comparing e. g. to white bacardi it is like heaven and hell :)