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Appleton Estate 12-Year rum

Appleton Estate 12-Year

Jamaica | Aged

Appleton Estate 12-Year Rum is a blend of several rums aged between 12 and 18 years in American oak barrels after being distilled using small-batch copper pot stills.

The rum is produced on the Appleton Estate, which sits in the Nassau Valley in Jamaica. The estate’s origins date back as far as 1655 when the English overthrew the Spanish to rule the island and Frances Dickinson, grandfather of the distillery’s founders, received the land as a reward for his role in the overthrow.

7.0/10(605 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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605 Appleton Estate 12-Year ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Kiwi Mojo from Australia with 9 ratings

Nice round-bodied product - can be mixed or consumed neat. Solid contender in the cabinet it gets used in a lot of cocktails - everyone seems to like it.


Posted 7 years ago by Dai from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

If you haven't tried this rum yet I suggest you do it is an excellent rum full of flavour.


Posted 7 years ago by Daniel from United States with 29 ratings

Decent flavor with barrel flavor but very little body.


Posted 7 years ago by Case from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

This was my introduction to the Jamaican style of rums - strong, very aromatic and unapologetic. I remember on my first sips I was shocked and disappointed. This was nothing like the sweet and balanced rums I had tried so far. Later, now that the bottle is almost empty, I have grown to love this Jamaican spirit. It's harsh and raw, very spicy, hits your palate with a sting, quite dry. A fantastic, truly different rum.


Posted 7 years ago by Zeck from France with 61 ratings

Une des références à goûter.


Posted over 7 years ago by larry johnson from United States with 26 ratings

very nice tasting a little strong after taste I order this if they have it a the bars over Bacardi silver


Posted over 7 years ago by SlowRain from Taiwan, Republic Of China with 33 ratings

This one is difficult for me to post about because it's so loved by others, but I just don't like this one neat. There is something harsh in the finish that makes me cringe. I can't be bothered to drink stuff like that. However, having said that, this is one heck of a great mixer! I'd give it a 4 or 5 if it was just neat, but my rating of 7 is because of the wonderful flavor it adds to mixed drinks.


Posted over 7 years ago by Markku from Finland with 12 ratings

This is quite complex, well aged, nutty, powerful and not too sweet rum. Aftertaste are quite harsh in the first place, but give it time, swirl the glass and then it becomes smoother a little bit. Cheapest 12 years old spirit I have ever seen and definitely not the worst!


Posted almost 8 years ago by JJ Geewax from United States with 36 ratings

Not a bad one, obviously the older ones are a bit tastier.


Posted almost 8 years ago by Sakulnikov from Czech Republic with 17 ratings

I like its dark colour however I can't say the same about its aroma. I just don't smell anything in it. Well the taste is significantly better than the aroma - caramel and some nuts. The taste is full with and has a decent finish. For me it is an average rum (well I expected a more complex taste and aroma from a 12yo - without knowing it I'd guess this rum is 7-9yo). It could be good sipping if you don't have much experience with rums and also a good introduction to 12yo rums but nothing more.


Posted almost 8 years ago by Robert from United States with 7 ratings

Though I find Appleton runs dry, I enjoy them. I agree with an earlier review that a 12 year old rum should have more character but that withstanding this is still a very drinkable rum. Its fairly smooth and displays mild oakiness and vanilla hints. Has a decent finish. Good Value.