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El Dorado 12-Year rum

El Dorado 12-Year Rum is composed of a blend of aged rums, all at least 12 years old. The rums are distilled using a combination of stills including double wooden pot stills and are aged in bourbon oak casks.

Demerara Distillers of Guyana produces El Dorado 12-year rum and is the country's last remaining distillery, with origins tracing back to 1670. The name ""El Dorado"" references the legendary city of gold that is said to be in the country's Rupununi region.

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999 El Dorado 12-Year ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Axel from Germany with 89 ratings

Nice Rum, it goes in the direction of Whiskey. not to Sweet, very pleasant.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Danny from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

As a newbie to sipping rums, this was the first bottle that really made me want to come back for more. Super smooth with a lovely sweet, but not overly-sweet flavour. Sweet-smokey vanilla on the nose and dark toffee/caramel on the palate. Delightful stuff, would recommend to anyone.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Hubert from Belgium with 9 ratings

Très bon rapport qualité prix pour ce rhum. Un cran en dessous du 15, mais top tout de meme

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 36 ratings

Upon the recommendation of my friend Mark, as a top notch sipping rum and for use in my tiki cocktails that call for a demerara, I bought this today at total wine. I first tried it neat, lovely caramel aroma, and taste, smooth as silk, no burn and sweet aftertaste. This is my first real quality sipping rum in my bar, I mostly make tiki drinks using Jeff “beachbum” Berry’s app, Total Tiki, but my friend Mark suggested El Dorado as his favorite sipping rum and I am really hooked on how good a top quality rum can be when enjoyed neat. i also made a Shrunken Skull with it and rhum barbancourt, lime juice and monin grenadine and it was fantastic. It’s lingering delicious flavor has me wanting more! My only other quality sipping reference is from last night when I tried Diplimatico reserva, at the Mai Kai, it was sweeter but they are both amazing, I’d say I prefer the El Dorado as it seems smoother and less sweet.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by caillan from Canada with 29 ratings

If your going to try you first eldorado I would go with the 15

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Reeb Barbill from Isle of Man with 33 ratings

It’s really good, but after giving it plenty of thought, the 15 year old is worth the extra money.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Hr Jensen from Denmark with 15 ratings

Til en pris på 250kr, så kan den klart anbefales, kan drikkes rent, men er virkelig en fantastisk mixer rom.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Robert from United States with 55 ratings

Good sipper but also good with cola. Slight alcohol burn with flavors of caramel, spice, and citrus.

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Posted about 2 years ago by PTGarcia from United States with 23 ratings

Exceptional flavor profile for me (good oak/sweet balance) and plenty smooth with just enough bite to remind me it is rum.

I have tried the 15 year as well and love it, but find it hard to justify the increase in cost to get to the 15. When first getting into tasting rum, I would routinely use the 12 as a benchmark and really appreciate the quality for the price point (~$35). It has recently become available in my area and it is time for me to revisit this classic.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Luka from Croatia with 16 ratings

Firstly you get not a solera-(which is not always bad) but actual 12 years old rum and it shows.

Even the smell is a messenger something good is on its way.

First sip neat and you get a complex mix of burbon/cognac complexity of tastes but in the aftertaste you are reminded of the obvious that it is actually a rum. It is sweet and very smooth. Notes of honey, oak, spice, coconut and zest fruits. Someone like me who is a newby, will be blown away by the complexity.

On the rocks with little club soda was a way to go for me (as it is shown in the picture) as it does not lose any taste but only gets smoother to drink.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Michal Pulák from Czech Republic with 40 ratings

Za ty penize moc dobry a zajimavy rum. Na celovecerni piti je optimalni.