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El Dorado 12-Year rum

El Dorado 12-Year

Guyana | Aged

El Dorado 12-Year Rum is composed of a blend of aged rums, all at least 12 years old. The rums are distilled using a combination of stills including double wooden pot stills and are aged in bourbon oak casks.

Demerara Distillers of Guyana produces El Dorado 12-year rum and is the country's last remaining distillery, with origins tracing back to 1670. The name ""El Dorado"" references the legendary city of gold that is said to be in the country's Rupununi region.

7.7/10 (1058 ratings)
Recommendable to most


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1058 El Dorado 12-Year ratings

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Posted 5 years ago by Fokakya from Canada with 11 ratings

This rum is very smoothe, and interestingly complex. It is an incredible value for such a great sipping rum.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Jacob Rasmussen from Denmark with 6 ratings

The Rum has a Nice dark smell of oak, but there Are No notes of Any Spices. The taste however is very Spicy and the sweetness is perfekt. This is the best 12-year rum i have tasted


Posted almost 2 years ago by Szymon from Israel with 6 ratings

If there is Heaven this Rum is the key to its door. Fantastic, Rich, Deep, Dark Sweet, complex, lingers on and on. of the Kind you finish and want another dram, Angelic in Taste, Diabolic in addictive potential. Vicious as it makes most of other Rums to bow before it. Gets only 9 from me since i know his older brothers are still waiting for me to enter the gates of Rum heaven.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Giovanni Bomoll from Italy with 37 ratings

Taste of:
Caramel, Chocolate, vanilla, honey, oak cask ...

Great Rum with a Classic, Sweet, Rich Aroma.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 1 rating

Den er helt ok, og kunne sagtens finde på at købe den igen


Posted almost 2 years ago by Razia from Netherlands with 12 ratings

And as it says in the rating, recommendable to most. First taste resulted into a lot of enthusiasm.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Mikenedham from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

Pretty goodvalue if you like sweeter rums and dont want to pay for diplimatico which is i think better


Posted almost 2 years ago by matus8683 from Slovakia with 6 ratings

Kto ma rad dubovu dochut, toho potesi. Mna potesil.


Posted almost 2 years ago by eddieo from United States with 95 ratings

A sweet sipper in the same arena as Diplomatico and other fruity, caramel-colored rums, delicious in its own right and a great pair with creamy and fruity desserts. Better neat, but fine on the rocks. Really elegant nose, straight up vanilla and candy country in there. But you don’t need a passport, just the desire to go there.


Posted almost 2 years ago by MartinK from Slovakia with 45 ratings

Dalsi sladky rum a teda aj moj oblubeny. Vo voni citim vyrazne hrozienka a melasu. Chut zodpoveda voni, aj ked je v nom pomerne dost citit alkohol, popija sa velmi prijemne. Cena v porovnani s tym co dostanete je prijatelna...


Posted almost 2 years ago by Alan from Belgium with 10 ratings

This is an excellent rum for the price. Sweet with a bit citrus and vanilla. A bit strong at first, but very nice as a sipping rum.