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A little higher proof of 90, but smooth never the less. Strong to vanilla. Like a cross between sailor Jerry and CM black spiced. Also has an earthy flavour from vetiver...a Haitian grass.

Don't let the voodoo theme fool you (or do, if that's what it takes to try this), since this puts the spicy in spiced rum. Maybe it's the vetiver, but more likely the cinnamon that gives this a little Haitian heat. I enjoyed the smooth taste (after getting used to the heat). Probably a good mixer, but not my preference.


Nice colour, super strong vanilla notes with an almost milky finish. Will become a regular in my bar

This is the newest spiced rum that I have tried. 45% ,90 proof.
Was very empresed with its flavor.

Surprised me that it was as good as it was. Goes excellent with coke. Wouldn’t be my first choice to sip, but was decent enough to do that.

As a mixer, this rum will never let you down. It has an interesting, distinctive flavor. It's not amazing, but it's pretty good. It can be sipped, too, although it's not a great sipper

Nice flavors of vanilla and cinnamon. Works well as a mixer but not as a sipper.

Hefty tones of Vanilla, both on the nose and the mouth, accented with an offset almost saltiness prefacing the back of the tongue. Comes through strong with the common harshness of a black rum, for those who enjoy it. Definitely something different here. Would recommend a splash of cola as a compliment to the flavors present.

I was very reluctant to try this spiced rum with the gimmick labeling. When I saw that none of the present 36 reviews rated it below a 6, that caught my attention. Being one to not trust reviewers who are still in the single digits, I found five reviews from those who are in the top 100 (at least 68 reviews). This really caught my attention. After further reading, I found out that what sets this spiced rum apart from it's competition is Haitian vetiver grass (with health benefits) and rich pot still rum. Since the bottle and many reviews claim cinnamon being included, I figured that this would be a good substitute for cinnamon syrup in Tiki drinks. Well, not really! I can barely taste the cinnamon. It is mostly smooth tasting vanilla and caramel with almost no burn. The exotic spices show their colors going down the old Aesop Hagus. At 90 proof, how they do it is a miracle in itself. I plan to use this bottle as a seasoning for drinks, but it is smooth enough to drink on the rocks or with cola.

Ressemble au kraken, il goûte la vanille et la cassonade. Pas mauvais mélangé avec du coke.


Mixer. Really smooth. Keeps you wanting more. Easy drinking. No bad aftertaste either. Zero burn. Candy

I’m not one for mixing my rum but if you are looking for a spiced rum for mixing this will definitely add some zing to your beverage.

Nice amber colour but a little bit strong. I Didn't find it made a nice cocktail. But it was a interesting bottle and and fun a conversation piece.

This is my new favorite spiced rum.

Excellent flavor and mixes well!

Good rum. Definitely one of my go to rums. Great flavor.

Excellent with a wedge of lime. Really enjoy this rum.

Started drinking this rum with Coke.
Finished the bottle straight up with one ice cube. Would definitely buy again.

This has got a great spicy flavour and is great to mix with dry ginger ale. Not amazing to sip.
Would keep it as a mixer personally.

The taste of Baron Samedi leaves your tongue wanting. Smooth and full bodied, the vanilla and cocoa really take the reins, making a very unique spiced rum. As a chaser, mix 1 part cola to 2/3 parts Baron Samedi over ice. With stones, this makes a great sipper over a game of poker. Don't drown out the taste or else you'll be wasting your money. Recommended for weekend get-togethers or small parties.

If you call yourself an enjoyer of sipping rums this may not be for you. But if you are new to the Rum drinking world this might be something that will interest you. As for myself this is the Rum that I pull out when there are lots of people around who are going to fill up there glasses with cola and say they are drinking rum.
Definitely not something a regular Rum sipper would enjoy on the regular.

Spiced rums have always been a hit or miss proposition for me. Either they royally suck or are quite good. This one falls into the latter category. It does base itself on the legendary voodoo character Baron Samedi (French for Baron Saturday) don't let the gimmick fool you...this is a pretty good spiced rum. It has a complex aroma and has a rich amber hue.

It is a strong-than-average rum with 45% ABV (90 proof) but does not have as major of a burn as I expected. Mind you, it does have a bit of a burn but is also fairly smooth. Somewhat paradoxical, I realize, but it is what it is.

The flavor is a complex mix of spices. Personally I taste predominately vanilla and caramel but there is more subtle flavors that honestly I am unable to isolate. In short, it has a very good overall flavor. Definitely one to try.

Very similar to the Bacardi oakheart
Strong vanilla tast very good in 7up

Not great for sipping great for mixes little strong 90 proof but smooth has some spice and kick to it

I was hesitant to buy but my wife liked the label. I enjoyed it with mix but not for sipping for me anyway.