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Old Man Spirits Project Three Dark Expression rum

Old Man Spirits Project Three Dark Expression

Caribbean | Dark

6.9/10(8 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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8 Old Man Spirits Project Three Dark Expression ratings

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Posted almost 5 years ago by mistercoughy from United States with 239 ratings

Smells great - toffee, molasses, fruit - and the taste is certainly agreeable: toffee, coffee, cinnamon. It's a blend of Caribbean rums bottled in Germany. It feels very thin in the mouth, and the finish is gone before you know it. Reminds me a lot of Dictador Perpetual, but at half the price and not nearly as harsh. Not a bad rum, just unremarkable.


Posted 1 year ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 293 ratings

There is a lot of vanilla flavours in this rum. The sweetness is balanced. A good rum, if you like vanilla.

Smell: vanilla, malt, oil, young wood
Taste initial: malt, vanilla, citrus
Middle: oil, spice, some wood, dark chocolate
Finish: cocoa, earth (old barrel)

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruit: 2/5
Spice: 2/5
Mildness: 3.5/5

Some similar rums:
Malteco 10 (more spicy, not that smooth and very simple)
Malteco 15 (it goes in that direction, not that complex)
Malteco 20 is not similar :)


Posted almost 2 years ago by Marco Rubin from Switzerland with 41 ratings

Der herbeste der projekt Reihe. Etwas stark nach dunkler Schokolade


Posted over 2 years ago by rhaferma from Germany with 1 rating

Dark side confirmed. As you let the glass sit even longer a nose bomb. Very spicy with lot of cacao, dark chocolate, a hint of cinnamon, bitter coffee beans. The smoky black cherry-like accents are very noticeable on the palate. Smooth and no afterburn. But not long lasting in the throat. It finishes with that same lightly dry smokiness on the initial delivery. I would describe this as a light to medium bodied rum. Yes a 9, very similar to the Dictador XO Perpetual.


Posted 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2698 ratings

What a nice surprise the Old Man Spirits Project Three Dark Expression really was. Bottle looks high end, color could be much darker since now its a semi dark brown. Quite a strong kick of alcohol to the nose. Very smooth and chocolatey going down. It would easily earn a 9 if the nose test would be smoother, but very well done indeed!


Posted over 3 years ago by Carl Saxmark from Sweden with 115 ratings

The taste does not slap me. But the alcohol does.. The bottle is nice but i expected more from the old men by now..


Posted over 4 years ago by Co Ka from Switzerland with 88 ratings

I dont like dark and bitter chocolate, and this rum is dark chocolate. I think it is perfectly done from old man, well balanced and long lasting. But not mine


Posted almost 5 years ago by Dickie-Davis from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

Enjoyable with coke was tasty and I was probably to drunk to enjoy it properly when I first tried it.