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Pusser's Gunpowder Proof rum

Pusser's Gunpowder Proof

Virgin Islands, British | Overproof

7.1/10 (114 ratings)
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114 Pusser's Gunpowder Proof ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by RumTho from Netherlands with 6 ratings

Nose: a lot of caramel and maybe some vanilla. Also might contain some demerara. Evolves into a pretty intense alcohol smell.
Taste: burn starts of nice but intensifies quite a bit and lingers a lot. Actually rather smooth for this amount of alcohol. Demerara notes. Pretty sweet but in a good way. Also a lot of spices which I can't really identify. A bit smokey and oakey. Not very complex.
Finish: ends rather dry but keeps going for a bit. Burn intensifies.
Final: would definitely recommend to people who are used to, or like, rums that pack a punch. This will do great in any cocktail where you're searching for a liquor that can compete with other strong-tasting ingredients. Can, absolutely, be enjoyed neat but I recommend adding (at least) 3 drops of water, which is the way I like it, to just get the rough edges of.
Notes: added 3 drops of water. Also I'm an inexpercienced taster so the details might be inaccurate, but it's still really enjoyable for my under-developped palate.


Posted 3 years ago by JellyJortikka from Finland with 67 ratings

54,5 abv navy style rum from Guyana or Barbados or a blend of Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad depending of which batch you happen to get. Mine happens to be just Guyanese rum.
Strong raisins, salty caramel and vanilla

Very strong burnt salted caramel, raisins, butter ,vanilla and slight oak in the end, its little harsh without water added because the high alcohol content, but i still liked it more neat than with water.
It is bit sweet but in no way too much (added sugar?)

Finish: Very long and light oak with the raisins and vanilla lingering a bit.

Overall: Unique rum that has a bit different profile compared to most generic run of the mill rums. This rum is heavy bodied and very caramelly and strong. I strongly recommend for everyone, especially tiki cocktail lovers are going to have lots of fun with this rum.


Posted 3 years ago by Paul Unwin from United States with 14 ratings

Definitely a rum that would have been enjoyed by navy officers, quite strong and probably wouldn't be enjoyed by people who go for the sweeter rums. I thought it was good, not the best I've tasted but this is a full bodied overproof rum, and it was under $30. Cheers!!


Posted 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2661 ratings

I really love the Pusser's 15 year old. It easily fits my top 10 aged rum list. The Pusser's Gunpowder Proof is another story. It exhibits the very essence of Navy rums, but it simply is too strong to be enjoyed several glasses. One drink it enough since you will get an amazing spice and pepper overload, but you will also get a long aftertaste lingering due to the high alcohol contain. Far cry from the Pusser's 15 year rum, but not a bad Navy strength rum at all. Treat this like any Cask Strength Single Malt whisky, and you will get the point.


Posted over 3 years ago by Mike from Austria with 1 rating

I love this rum, especially the strenght (I add a bit of water though) and it comes at an excellent price to make this an every day/evening rum. Much better than the 40% Pussers rum, which I consider a bit weak.


Posted over 3 years ago by Herman (PREMIUM) from United States with 95 ratings

Tried at Cane Rhum Bar in Charleston SC - this is much more palatable than I thought overproof would be. Looking forward to buying a bottle when I can.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Kevin from United States with 19 ratings

If I'm sailing on the high seas & we need to punch through the approaching storm, this is by far the go to, get the job done, rum period! A must have in the ships stores for any vessel fixing to take on an ocean crossing. This is serious deck mustering grog, straight & forward. A hail of "A Grog for all crew members" & the Captain's guarenteed, all hands on deck! A true Navy Rum. Otherwise, if you want to kick back and sip some rum go to the 15yr old. It never disappoints.


Posted 3 years ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 311 ratings

Alkohol: 54,5 %
Původ: Britské Panenské ostrovy/Guyana
Aroma: Melasa, karamel, připálené rozinky, z koření tu je znát nejvíc skořice, lehce muškátový oříšek, těžší exotické dřevo, ale občas se mihne i něco ovocného, připomíná pomerančovou marmeládu, je to taková ovocná nakyslost, ale pod tou těžší a výraznou melasově připálenou vůní to je znát jen trochu. Celkový dojem je pro můj nos velmi příjemný, konejšivě hřejivý. (88 b)
Chuť: Připálený karamel, melasa, silná hořká čokoláda, připálená topinka, lékořice, spálené rozinky. V dochuti vysychá, trochu tím připomíná některé sherry whisky. (86 b)
Body: 87/100
Shrnutí: S nákupem lahve jsem spokojen, tenhle rum se mi líbí, je robustní, přiměřeně silný a poměr cena/výkon taky velmi pěkný, lahev stála 645 korun.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Mr.B from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

Nice dark amber colour. Nice hint of sweet molasses, bit of Jamaican funk but surprisingly little alcohol fumes.

Full bodied taste of Molasses, spice, cinnamon and perhaps ginger.
Long finish with a bit of oak.

Great taste and great value.


Posted 3 years ago by Kamamura from Czech Republic with 31 ratings

Coppery-brown, intense, caramel-induced color in the glass.

The nose has warm undertones, candied fruits, marmelade, mixed with sulphuric, pungent boozy note.

Can be a bit harsh on the palate, but it develops into an interesting, complex experience. A splash of water helps a lot, opening up a heavier bodied, intense taste with notes of spice, dried fruits, marmelade, toffee, black tea, licquorice, with slightly sweet undertones (the modest dosage added sugar helps to balance the taste rather nicely this time) intertwined with bitter, tart tones from the oak.

It's love or hate rum - I have seen some spit it back into the glass, but those who allow its unique charm to work its magic will usually revisit. Personally, it's one of my favorites.


Posted 16 days ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 113 ratings

This is Pusser's 40% on steroids, intense English style rum, good mix of Guyana and other Caribbean colonies, spicy, with the right amount of sugar and molasses to counterbalance the strong alcohol content, yet it keeps the complexity of the less potent brother and takes it on a new level. The profile is raisins, molasses, demerara sugar, caramel, oak, butter, all spicy and strong in the nose and in the taste, intense and warming. It is a good company for winter walks where just a small sip from the hip flask will bring smile on your face, it also mixes well with tea or just about any beverage.