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George Bowman Colonial Era Dark rum

George Bowman Colonial Era Dark

United States | Gold

5.0/10 (3 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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3 George Bowman Colonial Era Dark ratings

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Posted about 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2651 ratings

Enjoyed a bottle of George Bowman Colonial Dark Rum while vacationing in Tokyo. Very nice and unique bottle and label design. Dark golden color. Pure alcohol, vanilla extract and plenty of oak to the nose and palate when neat sipped. Strong and dry burn at the end. Not a neat sipper by any means, but still a decent mixer rum.

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Posted over 3 years ago by IrieMon from United States with 4 ratings

Rum has come a long way. If this is what the Colonial folk drank, we are fortunate that rum survived the dark ages. This is an unrefined, un-aged, hot product. The only taste and aroma that comes across is alcohol. I missed the molasses some wrote about - all I got were vapors. I kept thinking I was sipping corn liquor or event tequila. My advice, that that $25 and either buy some Plantation 5 year old, or Zaya.

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Posted about 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

Historically speaking, rum was the main adult beverage in the United States during the colonial period. And it's not surprising considering the colonization of not only the Americas but the Caribbean which has so much sugar cane available for the distillation of rum.

This rum is made in accordance to the methods used in the 18th century during Colonial America.

And frankly, if this is what rum was like in the 1700's then I'm hooked.

Beautifully deep amber hue with excellent legs revealed when I swirl the rum in my snifter. Clings well to the sides slowly creeping downwards. Nice molasses aroma. Definitely a plus.

The flavor is quite remarkable. Some sweetness with a vanilla/caramel & brown sugar undertone that shifts to a nice warmth. There seems to be even a little honey? Very smooth and not too much oak. Some butteriness adds to the overall pleasant flavor. Very smooth and flavorful. Recommended.

If this rum is typical of colonial rum then my hat is doffed to them in admiration. Definitely some excellent rum. Very smooth and worthy of being considered a sipping rum along with being a mixing rum. Much more than worthy adding to one's cabinet. Perhaps a pirate's rum? Could be...

Try some and see if you agree.

As to who George Bowman is...I still haven't a clue. Even the official website isn't any help. Oh, bother...