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4 Mezan Jamaica 2005 ratings

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As I note with all Mezans, their Jamaican rum labelling is confusing. They really should label it more than just "Jamaica 2005". Maybe they should differentiate where it comes from - this one comes from Worthy Park.

The nose is real banana loaf. More bananery than any Jamaican I have had before. I like it! I then look at the label to see how they describe, and blow me, they say banana loaf as well. It is quite rare that I seem to agree with descriptives, but this really is pure banana loaf.

On the palate, there is a wonderful balance of fruit, alcohol and oak. Again I get hints of banana both on the front and mid palate as well as the finish. Medium bodied. I hesitate to once again say that I would like more weight, as it seems a comment I am making about many rums at the moment - maybe it is a stage I am going through!

Very good and well worth it. The purist might not appreciate the forward fruit, but to me it is very appealing. Like many of the Mezan's, I think it could benefit from being a touch stronger, like 42%. If someone turned around to me and said that the 40% label was wrong and that it was 38%, I wouldn't be surprised.

Until now jamaica rums are not my favorite but this one is interesting.
Nose : Typical Jamaican with tons of esters. In addition to the usual aromas there are very distinctive fruit ester flavors which reminds me apple/pear/banana. Very surprising.
The taste is typical jamaican again, tons of aromas. Slightly harsh at the beginning but then sweeter as the oak comes. Finish is not bad with some other aromas gently coming.
I am still not a fan of Jamaica rums but they all have personnality and this one is very special. Maybe not for everyone's taste but just give a try.
Though I prefer to sip my rums neat I am be curious how this one would taste in a mix.

Enjoyed a glass of Mezan Worthy Park Jamaica 2005 edition with a good friend of mine in South Florida on a sunny evening. Very dry rum to the nose, slight glue at the background. More dryness to the palate but definitely more fruits like banana to the throat. Very short finish and hardly no burn.


Tasted this one before the 1999 trinidad (caroni), and i did like this one much more.
It's sweeter than i expected it to be.
This is a fruity one.