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This 2002 version is smoother than the 2001 version. Climate conditions are certainly the reason . Notes of honey , caramel, vanilla and exotic fruits. Super sweet , very long finish. It is closer to the vintage 2000. Another very good rum from Diplomatico.

Needs time in the glass as it gently wakes up. I'm not qualified to discuss this rum properly, I only know I've found a special rum. I poured myself a small sample, made the most of it and now I feel almost nervous pouring myself more. It's as though this drink frowns at you for disturbing it without a valid reason. You're pouring me into that glass for no special reason?? How dare you.

Rum cognac. Proud owner.

Spicy, but sweet finish.It's a bit pricey, but well worth it.

This was not really what I expected. It's nice but I think even the simpler, cheaper Reserva Exclusiva is tasting better. It's elegant and a bit more demanding, some cognac tones to the usual Diplomatico taste of vanilla and bitter orange zest. Good but not my choice


Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002 comes in a very nice package and a beautiful bottle (picture). High class presentation.
This rum needs time to breathe in the glass, you get so much more aromas if you let it rest in the glass for about 15 minutes. At first you sense some sticky alcohol but after a while you get smooth sweet aromas of toffee, vanilla and oak. You can also smell a bit of sherry from the barrel.
In mouth you get sweet flavours of toffee and vanilla. But you also get some spice and oak. It´s very smooth in the throat with a long aftertaste with sweetness and some spice.
A very nice sipper, a personal favourite. I drink it neat.


Tried Diplomatico 2002 Single Vintage in Caracas last year and it is an amazingly smooth rum, but the reality is that Reserva Exclusiva is less than half the price and offers you 98% the same experience. In its own right, this is a spectacular rum. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.


This is a must have for any serious rhum collector. Smoothe almost like a cognac on the tongue. Hues of vanilla and honey. A sweet tasting rhum with no burn. I bought what was the last bottle in the store. Havent opened my bottle but bought a taster as well which i thoroughly enjoyed. This rum is not to be drunk as you wud water. Its a special rhum that should be opened on special occasions. Wonderful.


And not just the bottle. I'll have to come back and edit this review, but for now I can say it's quite quite good. I might prefer it to the ambassador even. It tastes a little cleaner but you still sense its cask aging.

Nice sweet, complex tastenotes, fantastic scent, and a good long aftertaste, one of my favorites.

The tropical fruit is definitely there, along with the toasted oak. Long lasting finish.

sweet but not overly, bold taste and heavy-strong-thick with long aftertaste-depth & same time well balance with a little burn in the end, also this is semi-dry & maybe little cognac (i dont like dry) & for 95 euro i think this is a bit overpriced. In mouth you can feel cherry, oak-wood, smoke maybe, little sweetness and maybe some more flavours but for my taste somewhat strong but objectively 8/10.

It was really fantastic meet. What can I say? This vintage 2002 is very smooth, with very long aftertaste. Yes, this one is better than reserva exsclusiva. It’s true about that you need to give a time for it, let him breath.
Add good cigar with this Rum! And enjoy moment.
I give 9 - 9.3

Very balanced aroma, body and tail. Full body with decent alcoholic touch.

Initially I was surprised by a bit stronger alcoholic smell. Initial burn is followed by intense cocoa taste which persist through the entire experience. There is a bit plainer point and thats why I rate it only 9.

I am a fan of the entire Diplomatico line. I believe the 2002 Single VTG could be a 8-9 Rating if priced at $75.00, but at the purchased price of +$120.00 USD, I can’t give more than a 7.

Tasting a slight burn across the palette on the front end. On the backend, rich molasses & caramel.


One of the most popular rums in the world is the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, which to me is way to sweet, so I was hesitant to try this Single Vintage Diplomatico. My scepticism was put to shame.

Nose: Toasted oak, dried fruit and vanilla
Taste: Oak, dark chocolate and vanilla. A long finish which gives a great hint of sherry
Overall: This is a wonderful rum, which brings a lot of flavours to the table and a strong and pleasant aftertaste, which almost lasts for days. It can be recommendede for everyone, who feels like treating themselves.

No bite, so smooth. Caramel and dulce de leche notes.

Bought as a sample from for £8 usually retails at around £90. Have tried other premium diplomatico rums and have been looking forward to sampling this one for some time.

A nice Amber hued liquid, with a sweet and complex nose, hints of oak and sweet sherry from the finish, a It's smooth in the mouth but I feel it's lack of complexity doesnt justify it's £90 price tag, it's nice but it's not that nicer and I've had better for less. I personally believe it needed further finishing in well aged sherry casks either that or not at all. 1 year isn't long enough!

I'm rather thankful of these samples as they let you try before you buy is sometimes essential!


Tragically this is a 3 cl sample of a 24 rum sample kit given me as a present, I would vastly prefer a full case.

The color is a beautiful light mahogany. The nose is rich, slightly sweet and spicy. No alcohol in it at all. I could smell this alone for hours.

This is a perfectly blended rum. It's all flavor, spice, sweetness and alcohol wrapped up in one sip. THe finish is all of the above, and lingers.

This is the best rum I've ever tasted, and although I'm still a relative novice, I've been tasting wines for 45 years....this is the real deal folks.

Lovely expression, can’t say enough good things: if you’re drinking this you’re doing something right.

Přímé srovnání Single Vintage 2002 s Diplomáticem Ambassador Selection. Ambassador Selection hravě zvítězil, rozdíl v kvalitě byl markantní. Přesněji řečeno jsem pil rumy Botucal. To, že se rumy Diplomático prodávají na německém trhu pod názvem Botucal, je důsledek trochu absurdního soudního sporu s obchodním řetězcem ALDI, který vlastní ochrannou známku Diplomat, pod kterou prodává levné brandy za nějakých 6 € za lahev. Prostor pro záměnu s rumem, navíc při velkém rozdílu v cenách, moc nevidím a vzhledem k popularitě Diplomática ve světě by se mohl na slávě podobně pojmenovaného produktu přiživit spíš Diplomat samotný. Nicméně od března 2012 v důsledku soudních tahanic oficiální distributor pro Německo ustoupil a rumy jsou na tamním trhu pojmenovány Botucal.
Alkohol: 43 %
Původ: Venezuela
Aroma: Lesní med, rozinky, kakao, mléčné karamely, kůže. Trochu větrová. Klasická nasládlá rumová vůně, jinak nic mimořádného. (86 b)
Chuť: Není nijak moc sladký. Chuť je jen decentně nasládlá, do rozinek, trochu z ní mám až koňakový dojem. Větrový, lesně medový dozvuk. (88 b)
Body: 87/100
Shrnutí: Jde o fajn pohodový rum. Nic víc, nic míň. Podle svých poznámek hodnotím prakticky stejně, jako Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva. Což je s přihlédnutím k aktuální ceně ročníkové lahve na našem trhu, kdy je k mání za nejméně 4900,- korun, naprostá šílenost a extrémně nevýhodný nákup. Za pozornost stojí i výrazný nepoměr cen na našem a německém trhu. V Německu k sehnání jako Botucal od 80 euro. Téměř třítisícový rozdíl na jedné lahvi je slušný extrém.

Une valeur sur chez Diplomatico mais le flacon est malheureusement plus jolie que je m’attendais à découvrir le liquide aussi bon que beau...

Super god rom. Tæt på en 10’er. Minder om den lille diplomatico, bare bedre 👍

I didn’t get as much alcohol to nose as I read but think it’s always good to let breathe a bit. I get some alcohol to nose with charred barrel along with caramel and sweetness. Taste is creamy, unique fruitiness. Some alcohol burn. Not sure if worth price tag.