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Charboneau White rum

Charboneau White

United States | Light

Charboneau White rum, a hybrid pot/column-distilled, Louisiana raw sugar- and molasses-based rum that’s diluted to 80 proof with filtered Natchez city water and bottled unaged.

via American Rum Report

1.3/10 (3 ratings)
Not fit for your worst enemy


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3 Charboneau White ratings

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Mike from United States with 6 ratings

I'm not a white rum fan to start out but this needs some help. Good people i'm sure they will improve given a little time.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Alzuri from United States with 7 ratings

Choosing never to be entirely negative (just double) The Charboneau is an excellent example of how terroir and water make a dramatic difference. The smell has a murky almost swampy quality about it, the mouthfeel is a little thick and heavy and the finish will stay with you for awhile. I will keep revisiting the brand if it continues to produce and see if the rum evolves I am currently barrel aging cause the space on my rum shelf is precious and have to make room for some Samarolis.

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Posted over 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

Charboneau Distillery describes their white rum thusly:

"This rum is made using Raw Sugar and Molasses sourced from a LA sugar mill a few hours away. Fermented in small (300 gal) batches and distilled in our 150 gal copper pot still with a 4 plate column, we believe we extract the best from our batches, personally selecting our heads, hearts and tails. We proof with filtered Natchez city water, voted the best municipal water in MS in 2014. Hand bottled and labelled, we literally hand create each bottle just for you."

They are the first legal distillery in the state of Mississippi and as far as I know the only one in the state. Not surprising since my old stomping grounds has some of the more archaic liquor laws in the country. So I can imagine the difficulties in starting a legal distillery there.

According to the label on my bottle the rum came from batch number 1 and was distilled October, 2014. It is clear in color. The aroma is odd and not in a good way. Has a chemical smell to it. The flavor is pretty bad as well. Has a strong chemical flavor that is far from rum-like...even harsh white rums I've tried had some rum-like qualities. This just has an alcohol burn and nothing more. No real appreciable flavor. Reminds me of rotgut moonshine. I wouldn't recommend it even as a mixer. I hope they've improved upon their formula since this first batch. If I run across a bottle that is not from batch number 1 I might buy a bottle to see if it's improved. However if you see a bottle from batch #1, skip it.