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Alkohol: 35 %
Původ: Britské Panenské ostrovy
Aroma: Becherovkové koření, bylinky (rovnou jsme s kamarádem, který měl při ochutnávce doma náhodou lahev otevřenou, vyzkoušeli, jestli je podoba s Becherovkou skutečná, nebo se nám to jen zdá, a opravdu je to tak, jen u tohoto rumu je ona vůně jemnější). Dále skořice, hřebíček. (82 b)
Chuť: Pikantní, štiplavá, výrazně kořenitá chuť a to hned v začátku, dokonce peprná a až do chilli. Dochuť je ve stylu Becherovky, ale s výraznou peprností. (84 b)
Body: 83/100
Shrnutí: Chuťově neobvyklý, originální, nesladký a štiplavý spiced rum, který babičkám nekupujte. Zajímavá rumová alternativa k Becherovce.

This is ok. Better spiced rums out there for me. Pussers expertise is in navy rum.

Pusser's 15y is on my top 10 list after well over 400 aged dark rums later and the Pusser's Spiced rum does not disappoint at all. Similar fancy bottle, but now with a dark red label. Deep golden color and a very mature mix of spiced flavors to the nose. Hardly any burn. Very well done from Pusser's once more!

This is quite creamy in texture - a little like Captain Morgan - except that this is much better. The spice is laid back, the rum is smooth, the smell is subtle and the overall effect is of a laid back, gentle spice in a nicely rounded rum. It's better than most spiced rums but not as good as the best, lacking a little flavour compared to Rebellion or Elements 8, for instance; and not having the character of something like Chairman's Reserve or Dark Matter. However, if you like your spice to be warm and subtle, you'd probably score this as a 7 or 8. I prefer a bit more oomph.

Nice sweetness and without overpowering spice. Good buttery finish.

Love the back story of Pusser's, that it was the official tot of the day for the British Navy for centuries until relatively recently. This is a very sweet rum with very spicy flavours. A bit like a takeaway Chinese meal loaded with MSG - incredibly tasty but hard to believe it's all goodness inside. Still, a great, very easy sipping drop.

Familiar bottle like the other pushers offerings. Pleasing to find a cork albeit synthetic rather than a 35% it's an easy drop. First sip reminds me of single malt whiskey but sweeter. Then there is is a gentle warmth which allows a flavour of caramel but not quite so sweet. There it stays for a moment as a nice aftertaste and then it's gone!. Better on its own for me which is odd as I love rum with coke whatever the variety. Not so good if you like more of a bite but nice stuff.happy y o have another.. ...and another!