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7 Cubaney Orangerie 12-Year ratings

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Dobrý rum s chutí pomerančů. Spíše sladší a jemnější.

Nice looking bottle. High end old fashioned orange label design. Bottle states that Cubaney 12y is used alongside with plenty of oranges. Is it orange flavor or real oranges is not mentioned. Very sweet to the nose and palate to be truly enjoyable. But ultimately much better than Pyrat. No burn, but your teeth will hurt from all the added sugar and who knows what else.


I didn't like this rum at all.

Strong odor of synthetic oranges and same, terrible taste.

I couldn't finish my glass, my SO couldn't even stand the smell of it.

Cubaney's flovoured rums aren't bad, but this one is huge mistake.

For me 2nd best orange rum, after Santa Teresa. Very sweet taste, even sweet smell.

I ordered this rum because I had good experience with Cubaney Elixir. I also had Beach house and wanted the new one with orange taste. This rum is good, but it´s very, very sweet.

Very specific, my wife loves it. I tried it twice and it was enough :)

Pleasant and refreshing rum. Light sweetness of oranges in our refreshing summer weather and in winter entice the summer.