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8 Cubaney Elixir de Miel 8-Year ratings

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Nice looking bottle. High end old fashioned green label design. Surprisingly light color, looks almost like its light beer. Way too sweet to the nose and palate to be enjoyable since the amount of honey is not disclosed, but it has to be a lot. No burn, but your teeth will hurt from all the added honey and who knows what else.


Erősen mézes, de még nem tolakodó és mellette/mögötte érződik szépen egy tisztességes minőségű rumalap. Édesszájúaknak, vagy likőrös hangulatra mindenképp ajánlott.

Mine isn't 8 nor 12 years old, not sure what bottle you guys had, but nevermind.

Labels of my bottle are same color as Caramelo has, aren't green as they are on picture here or on Oliver y Oliver's website...

Miel is young rum from flavoured family of Cubaney.

Honey is the main and the most intensive part of both scent and taste (what else would you expect anyway?). Taste ends with caramel.
Its a sweet and smooth elixir, with 30% vol there's no alcohol burn at all.

I'm not honey type person, but if you are, add 1 bottle to my ratings!

Notes of fruits, coffee, chocolate and spices. Good average rum

This rum is sweet and very good in it´s price level. It´s not as sweet as Capitan Bucanero 7-Year or Legendario Elixir de Cuba but for me better taste quality than those two.

Příjemný a ne tak sladký elixír. Doporučuji smíchat s rumem Stroh 80% . Uvidíte, že tím nic nezkazíte.

Very nice smell when the glass is empty after drinking. Mild tasty.

This is probably the best elixir I had so far. Ofc, its sweet, but not as sweet as Legendario, with very nice taste. Even my mom loves this one :) Great straight up and even better on the rocks... Love it

Actually mine is labeled as 12yr elixir, but I can't find it on RumRatings....