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Appleton Estate Signature Blend rum

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Jamaica | Aged

5.6/10 (200 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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200 Appleton Estate Signature Blend ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by Mike Borg Cardona from Denmark with 9 ratings

Not what i expected from appleton. Tasty but not great in cocktails. Worked great in food such as chocolate filling.


Posted 9 days ago by Davos418 from Australia with 5 ratings

If in doubt this rum will always do the job. It's sold almost everywhere and tastes decent. There's better out there but it's a good drop given it's price and popularity.


Posted about 1 month ago by Supreme from Canada with 33 ratings

Go to for a cheap easy nice drinking and mixing rum !


Posted 4 months ago by Chubb169 from Australia with 6 ratings

Very easy to drink and mixes well with Coke or with ginger beer


Posted 4 months ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 54 ratings

Jamaican funk 'light' as I understand it. It helps to give it a little rest after pouring this in your glass. Molasses, citrus (orange with a high octane level) and a little oak/vanilla on the nose and on the palate joined by black peper and some dried fruits. The fruit flavours almost make this dry rum on the sweet side but pepper and 'gasoline fumes' balance it out pretty well. Outspoken taste with some little harsh notes but it goes down easy enough. Pleasant lingering of tastes.

As a real sipper it comes a little short, it is a little too restles in taste, but has potential and grows on you (or not). I doubt I will ever stack this one up but it gives me a damn good reason to explore Appleton Estate a little more.


Posted 8 months ago by Skyvie from United States with 31 ratings

It's a good price, but tastes far closer to brandy than rum. It's approaching paint thinner or gasoline in flavor, so it's not smooth at all. Wanted to like this one, but it's too whiskey-like to be in my rum rotation.


Posted about 1 year ago by BlackP2 from United States with 12 ratings

I'd heard about Appleton's years ago in NY. So when I found a bottle at the ABC by my buddies house i bought. As my title says.... especially for the price. On the bright side it ain't gasoline. Easy to drink however you like, even as a Cuba Libre. My biggest complaint was that it had very little body and flavor. What was there was pleasant enough and a decent choice for the start up rum drinker.


Posted about 2 years ago by Glenn from United States with 20 ratings

has that hogo funk you look for in a Jamaican
taste - smooth, bananas, orange, vanilla

Nice mixer, wished I saved some so I could compare with J Wray Gold. Used up my bottle making a nice Mai Tai with Clement.


Posted over 2 years ago by Andy Beneveedez from United States with 8 ratings

At first the scent comes off as if it were going to be harsh, but then you take a sip and you figure out it’s just the strong spices coming out, with a medium caramel. The rum goes down smooth, not what I was expecting. For 20 dollars, it’s definitely better than captain org. and Bacardi spiced.


Posted over 2 years ago by Cory from Australia with 27 ratings

I’m happy with this rum. Good staple rum. It has that English style strong molasses flavour. Not complex if your looking to disect it’s flavour but still great on the rocks for something nice and reasonably priced.
Enjoying my current bottle


Posted at Calavera over 2 years ago by Cuvelierl from Belgium with 28 ratings

Tastse like a high quality rum should taste. I usually only use this rum in cocktails but it's actually ok for sipping. It's not the best but considering value for money I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection