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Appleton Estate Signature Blend rum

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Jamaica | Aged

243 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind


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243 Appleton Estate Signature Blend ratings

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Posted 10 days ago by Sjonniej87 from Netherlands with 7 ratings

I drink the more sweeter rums. Came from Jamaica and had high hopes. The taste was awful. Not my kind.


Posted 13 days ago by David from Czech Republic with 5 ratings

Good one, best value.
Říkám in its origin. I've just taste first sip and pretty like it.


Posted 16 days ago by Haberer from Austria with 28 ratings

very sweet, definately not a sipper. goes well in all rum cocktails that require a "brown rum"


Posted 20 days ago by Bigbillyt from United States with 8 ratings

First, the good news, this is a great all around mixing rum with few competitors at its price point. No, it is definitely not a "sipper", but the price point should be a pretty decent clue. This is a basic, no frills Jamaican rum. It has minimal complexity but is not entirely just one note either. The nose is pretty simple, caramel, a touch of vanilla and orange. The flavor is similar but adds some touches of warmth, dried fruits and the classic Jamaican "funk". The really great thing is the price, for the price it makes a great foundation for a Grog, a Daquiri a Mai Tai or any other number of great cocktails.

My only real complaint against this rum is that when I started drinking rum, and started drinking Appleton's products specifically, their basic rum was the VX, which, for anybody who tasted it 10-15 years ago knows, was a pretty big step up from this offering. To add to the situation, when they first made the switch from VX to this Signature blend it seemed to be essentially the same product, for quite a while actually. Then, one day they changed the flavor, and definitely for the worse. It is still a good rum, and a good value, but in the VX iteration it was a spectacular product for the money. I still recommend this product, but us old timers really miss the previous version.


Posted 22 days ago by Pbraunsc from United States with 16 ratings

Looks good, smells good but rather harsh at 80 proof. Good bar rum, but i hesitate to drink it neat or on the rocks. Reasonably good as a mixer with cola.

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Posted 22 days ago by Michal Ernest from Czech Republic with 55 ratings

Tento rum jsem uviděl v akci jednoho supermarketu za přijatelný peníz v době, kdy rumoví nadšenci z České republiky, sdružující se v české facebookové skupině o rumech, vykoupili většinu zásob této značky v České republice, pod vlivem dobrého marketingového triku jednoho obchodu s rumy, u příležitosti uvedení Apleton Estate Rare Cask 12 y.o. na český trh. Měl jsem obavy, ale chuť mne mile překvapila. Vůně je podle mých čichových buněk poněkud zvláštní a nevím jak ji popsat, je tam něco co mi dosti vadí. Jakoby tam byla tráva co kvasí. V chuti je to o hodně lepší. Jemná nasládlost, která pomalinku odeznívá bez nějakého ocasu. Parádní rum pro každodenní popíjení s pomalým převalováním doušků na jazyku, které odhalí lepší stránky tohoto rumu.


Posted 25 days ago by shinz from New Zealand with 4 ratings

Pleasantly inoffensive but lacking distinction as a sipper & not enough punch as a mixer.


Posted 27 days ago by František Pavelka from Czech Republic with 46 ratings

Je to jednoduché, Jamajka ,silný, aromatický a velmi ovocný


Posted 29 days ago by rriott from United States with 7 ratings

Had big expectations but this was very middle of the road.

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Posted 1 month ago by Spack Jarrow from United States with 14 ratings

Appleton Signature was my first look into Jamaican rum and I honestly wasn't the biggest fan. For the price I was even further dissatisfied. It's very dry and bitter more along the lines of a high rye whiskey. I didn't get much notes of banana or vanilla or coconut. It was overall very boozy and hard to consume neat even over ice. Definitely more of a Mixer.