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Medium doorly s  xo rum

Produced in Barbados by master distiller Richard Seale, the rums in Doorly XO have been aged a minimum of 6 years before finishing in Olorosco sherry casks. The second maturation in sherry casks is rare and gives Doorly XO its unique flavour.

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Another great tasting and great value rum , It seems to me that the rums from Barbados are very natural with no extra sugar , caramel etc added . Its got a bit of a Sherry flavour to it in my opinion , not a great sipper but a magnificent mixer with a slice of lime and an ice cube.

First a disclaimer, I'm not a big fan of sherry aged rums, it's just not my palate. But I find them a reasonable competitor of other dark, sweet rums and I prefer the sherry style over the sweeter styles because a dryer spirit fits my palate. But this is a fine rum by Doorly's.

Bottle: I'm a bottle snob which is why I post bottle comments, I like the way some bottles look on the shelf. The art of appreciating something labeled "fine" is partly vanity act. I really like the Doorly's bottles, I just wish they were all synthetic cork style toppers, a screw top just doesn't do the end product justice.
Bottle Aroma: Sherry and oak are at the nose immediately, then the rum comes along for the ride.
Glass Aroma: Like a sherry, the spirit opens up and has a sherry dry but sweet nose, the rum pushing the smell out but is not that apparent.
Taste: Rum and sherry really are a great mix and Doorly's XO does not disappoint. It is on the tongue where the rum comes through and tells you this is indeed not a sherry spirit. The heat is low all the way through to the throat. The drink is quite pleasant and is another example of a rum that will convince non-rum fans that rum is a versatile spirit.

I weighted my opinion from 7 to 8 because I know that I'm not a sherry fan, but this is a damn good rum and I hate to weight it downwards with a 7.

I'm a sucker for Barbados rum. I am an even BIGGER sucker for tasty Barbados rum.

Doorly's XO is exactly that. Glad I finally got a bottle.

Another product from the folks at R.L. Seale & Company so you know you are getting some of the finest in quality when it comes to rum. No additives. No sugars.

This rum is a blend of older rums and then matured in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks (or barrels?)

The color is a rich, deep amber and the aroma is delightful. As usual I am unable to determine specific subtleties in the aroma but can only tell you that it smells great. No astringency.

The flavor is fantastic. An initial sweetness indicating molasses and a nice vanilla/toffee undertone which then is joined in by that oak mentioned early.

Here's where is gets interesting for me. With many rums aged in oak a noticeable bitterness from the oak tannins is present and often tends to overtake the flavor.

HOWEVER with this rum, the oak flavor joins and blends with the initial flavors and never actually overwhelms. It is noticeable but is beautifully balanced. It rapidly fades revealing a delicious finish consisting mostly of the natural molasses.

This is a rum that could be considered a sipping rum by many. Some would disagree. It makes an out-freakin'-standing mixing rum no matter how you cut it...or mix it. I cannot think of any beverage that would not benefit from Doorly's XO.

Now one would think that for such a fine rum a bottle would cost $45-$50 USD?

How about $17 USD?


This is one of those rums that you get the most bang for your buck. The flavor is worthy of a $50 price tag but R.L. Seale and Company chose to charge much less.

That alone is worth a couple of ratings points from me.

I continue to grow more and more impressed with R.L. Seale & Company.

This is a great rum.

i hear a lot of this rum, but now i try it and im disappointed, to flat taste for me

Harsh for the throat. Little bit dissapointed. With some ice it is ok. Aftertaste is good.

Bought this bottle in a sale and was definitely pleased, good value for money and a nice distinct taste. Can be enjoyed as a sipper, but if your used to more aged rums at this price you can happily mix it.

Výborná chuť sherry a jemnost, veliké překvapení, můj oblíbenec

Ultimately on taste alone, I rate it a seven but it's $15 or so a bottle....FIFTEEN measly dollars for something this good(!), I should give it a 9.

Tasting notes: Don't be a stiff, just buy some and enjoy what I wager is the best value in spirits, period. Could sell for 2-2.5x the price with a fancier bottle and publicity, easily. A modern classic.

excellent love it, I can't believe that this Rum is available for
less then $20 it is a great Rum

This rum works well in cocktails or with coke. At this price it's worth owning to use in such drinks.

Make no mistake this is a nice rum. However with the exclusive "XO" label it left me wanting a little more (Personally next time I will go back to the 12yr old). As a sipping rum I did not find it quite smooth enough and much preferred the complex flavor when mixed (Ginger Ale). A great looking bottle worth having in your liquor cabinet if only to show the wide difference that can be achieved by master rum makers.


Tried the Doorly's XO, 8y and 5y back-to-back and I have to say I went from bad to worse. The XO has a harsh alcohol smell, mish-mash of flavors on the tongue and a nasty burn to finish the experience. There are literally hundreds of much better aged rums in this price range, so don't waste your money on a Doorly's.


For 16.99 you can go anytime anywhere. It was on sale and i bought 2 of them and enjoyed it every single sip. It was good as sipper and also great as a mixer...
Whisky-ish taste was supplementary for sipping it.
Natural at best

This rum is sweet smell - good
1st impression no so dry not so sweet , finish is dry.
Taste little banana, little raisins


To my tastes, this is a very good rum without being quite top notch, which makes it a great rum to bounce others off of.

It reminded me of the Plantation 5 year old Barbados in some ways. It has a similar smell and first taste. However, the Plantation is sweeter (it does have sugar and caramel additives) and this is a bit more sherry and alcohol tasting. It's still pretty smooth and a really good sipper. If you like one, you are unlikely to hate the other and so it depends whether you like slightly sweeter or not - or perhaps you'll have both, as I do, for alternatives.

I really like the Seale rums having tried Doorly’s 8 and RL Seale. I thought I’d try something new from Seale. I agree with many other reviewers that the sherry taste (with hints of black spice) takes away from a good aged rum. The price was excellent and if you like a quality slightly flavored rum, go for it.

nez caramel gourmand , banane vanille
bouche, sèchement doux , légèrement boiser , fruité sans envolé particulière
longueur , boiser vite diciper , légère anesthésie , fini sur figue mure très légèrement

Velmi průměrný rum za velmi průměrnou cenu. Na Barbados chabé. Nikdy více.

Aroma is fantastic! I'm still fairly new to rum, but this is a good one. I taste a little vanilla and the tiniest touch of smoke. I will get this again

This Rum I have had for a time and tested it together with friends this weekend. some of us think that it is a little bit swwet, but as always taste differs. I think it does a good job and gives you a lot of Rum delivers like vanilla, aftertaste and honey.

Found this one on sale during a monthly special at total wine. Perhaps even more smooth than the 12-year-old, this XO is remarkable for its texture if just a bit shy on the extra flavor notes found in its older sibling.

Good choice maybe too soft taste but better than mid class.

Not sure if you can buy this anywhere other than total wine. For the money it by far the best rum for mixing!

Not sure where the previous reviewer paid $25-30 for this but I got two bottles at Total Wine in Florida for $15 each.

RL seales is known for advocating purity in rum and as such doesn't sweeten or doctor his rums in any way, so might not appeal to some who are used to sweetened rums such as Diplomatico, Zaya or Zacapa,, but this is rum as it should be.