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Doorly's XO rum

Produced in Barbados by master distiller Richard Seale, the rums in Doorly XO have been aged a minimum of 6 years before finishing in Olorosco sherry casks. The second maturation in sherry casks is rare and gives Doorly XO its unique flavour.

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197 Doorly's XO ratings

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Posted about 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

I'm a sucker for Barbados rum. I am an even BIGGER sucker for tasty Barbados rum.

Doorly's XO is exactly that. Glad I finally got a bottle.

Another product from the folks at R.L. Seale & Company so you know you are getting some of the finest in quality when it comes to rum. No additives. No sugars.

This rum is a blend of older rums and then matured in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks (or barrels?)

The color is a rich, deep amber and the aroma is delightful. As usual I am unable to determine specific subtleties in the aroma but can only tell you that it smells great. No astringency.

The flavor is fantastic. An initial sweetness indicating molasses and a nice vanilla/toffee undertone which then is joined in by that oak mentioned early.

Here's where is gets interesting for me. With many rums aged in oak a noticeable bitterness from the oak tannins is present and often tends to overtake the flavor.

HOWEVER with this rum, the oak flavor joins and blends with the initial flavors and never actually overwhelms. It is noticeable but is beautifully balanced. It rapidly fades revealing a delicious finish consisting mostly of the natural molasses.

This is a rum that could be considered a sipping rum by many. Some would disagree. It makes an out-freakin'-standing mixing rum no matter how you cut it...or mix it. I cannot think of any beverage that would not benefit from Doorly's XO.

Now one would think that for such a fine rum a bottle would cost $45-$50 USD?

How about $17 USD?


This is one of those rums that you get the most bang for your buck. The flavor is worthy of a $50 price tag but R.L. Seale and Company chose to charge much less.

That alone is worth a couple of ratings points from me.

I continue to grow more and more impressed with R.L. Seale & Company.

This is a great rum.

Posted about 1 year ago by Simon Doherty from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

A very good rum at a very good price. At around £15 cheaper than the 12 year old this makes it an excellent purchase.

Posted about 1 year ago by damiano.balzerani from Italy with 1 rating

The smooth molasses and the double finish give a gentle aroma to this typical Barbadian rum. Easy and ready to drink, is a very good suggest for a not to expensive experience.

Posted about 1 year ago by Mo McGurk from United States with 159 ratings

5.5 on my scale. Bought for a friend. Tried it over ice. Decent with a bit of an afterburn. Better mixed

Posted about 1 year ago by Morthrag from Switzerland with 90 ratings

Fruchtig und mit der klarer barbados-typischer Vanille Note.

Posted about 1 year ago by Szczupak from Poland with 17 ratings

Niestety jestem trochę zawiedziony tym rumem . W smaku trochę cierpki, raczej nie dosładzany. Nie wyróżnia się niczym szczególnym, dobrze sprawdzi się jako mikser, jednak zważywszy na cene (115PLN) wychodzi średnio opłacalnie. Można pić solo , jednak smak nie porywa, mały plus za ładną butelke z papugą. Oceniłbym go jako przeciętny. W tej cenie można dostać coś lepszego np. Plantation. Jednak to moja subiektywna opinia gdyż wolę rumy lekko słodkawe niż cierpkie. 6/10

Posted about 1 year ago by Mark Ogilvie from United States with 13 ratings

Zippy, tangy, and alcoholic on the nose, with an underlying mellowness.

As a sip, it's impeccably smooth, not too dry, definitely not too sweet, distinctly and classically rummy, with a sherry-like undercurrent to bounce off of. It absolutely pulls its own weight in a mixed drink, although it's not a hugely flavor-dense heavy hitter that can bring real character to a cocktail.

All in all, it's a well-executed, no-frills Barbados rum that, especially at the price point, makes an exceptionally reliable standby.

Posted about 1 year ago by Michael from United States with 3 ratings

Smooth, clean and dry. As good as if not better than Doorly’s 12 ($26) and The Real McCoy ($46 in the US) which are also very good.

Best sipper I have enjoyed for under $30. That it is priced at under $20 is pretty amazing.

Not as clean and flavorful as the Seale Cask collection (like Premise which is outstanding) but a great sipper and the price point is awesome for a go to/Daily sipping rum.

Posted about 1 year ago by Svehloun from Czech Republic with 15 ratings

Dobrý rum za ty peníze. Vyvážené sladký a koreneny. Ovoce....

Posted about 1 year ago by Hedlund from Sweden with 36 ratings

I den här rommen är det mycket fat, gammalt tågvirke och skepp. Den andas historia och man åker flera hundra år bakåt i tiden. Inget extra socker i den utan helt naturlig. Ibland är den god ibland inte, mycket beror på vilket romhumör jag är på. Det känns som att det saknas nåt när jag dricker den. Smaken försvinner på nåt vis och den kan kännas tunn i smaken. Men det är ingen äcklig rom. Bara.......svår.....ibland

Posted about 1 year ago by krupar from Czech Republic with 3 ratings

Nasládlá chuť a příjemná vůně tohoto rumu mi vyhovuje.

Posted about 1 year ago by Miroslav Spinka from Czech Republic with 2 ratings

Perfect taste, great flavour,nice colour. Absolutly satisfied. I can recommended

Posted over 1 year ago by Cyruz from Denmark with 21 ratings

Good and tasty rum.....a little sweet and dry after a short while.

Taste is not long and I get some banana and vanilla and maybe a little sweet licorice.

Posted over 1 year ago by mattrensa (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 20 ratings

Was a bit disappointed with this, not that it's a bad rum, but not for my palate. Found it a bit harsh and had a (for me) a whisky like back note (which was supported by being a favourite rum for visiting friends who like whisky). Overall once gone I won't be buying another one.

Posted over 1 year ago by Schmid from Switzerland with 52 ratings

...product with for sure no sugar added, distilled by Foursquare. Hmm, did I ever have something bad from this distillery? Nope!

Posted over 1 year ago by rhumjesus from Canada with 31 ratings

My least favourite aged rum from sherry casks so far, but still very drinkable.

very cherry plum flavours, not a lot of spicier notes... a bit of harsh burn to go with it.

Posted over 1 year ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 149 ratings

Tested this at a restaurant some times ago. Doorly’s XO is as all rum from R.L. Seale’s and The Foursquare distillery pricewhorty.
But I won’t let it in into my Bajan rum shelf where I already have the 12yo one, which I find even better.

Posted over 1 year ago by SlowRain from Taiwan, Republic Of China with 33 ratings

More complex than the 5-year, but still not a complex sipper. Maybe use this for an Old Fashioned.

Posted over 1 year ago by Anthony Soleau from United States with 24 ratings

This is not the finest rum out there, but it's defintely above average with many fine rum qualities. Having said that, for under $20 a bottle it's and great way to enjoy a quality aged rum on a budget. Would work wonders in a Mai Tai, daiquiri, or rum old fashioned without breaking the bank. A definite upgrade from the commonly used mass produced rums out there!

Posted over 1 year ago by Pandur from Austria with 73 ratings

Habe mich durch den günstigen Preis für einen XO verführen lassen und war dann doch enttäuscht - wenig komplex, dafür recht alkoholische Schärfe. Auf jeden Fall kein verzuckerzer Rum.

Posted over 1 year ago by 5xo from Slovakia with 237 ratings

A bit basic flavor profile, nose is plums with a noticeable pomelo.

Posted over 1 year ago by Dean from United States with 53 ratings

Fairly straight up Rum. Good for mixers. Pepper nose. Smooth finish. Good price.

Posted over 1 year ago by scoot555 from United States with 21 ratings

For a barbados rum I thought it would have more flavor. It sounds great, but really just doesn't come through. :/ More like a gold.

Posted over 1 year ago by Örjan from Sweden with 60 ratings

tones of burned chocolate, dry sugar cane, toffée, vanilla and fruit

Posted almost 2 years ago by Rasmus from Denmark with 135 ratings

This is a special rum to me as this was the first "premium" rum I ever tasted. It has been a staple for me ever since in my journey through the world of rum.

Nose: Clear notes from the time spend in sherry-casks with a hint of smoke
Taste: Vanilla, nuts and a long, sweet and complex aftertaste with clear hints of sherry
Overall: This is a fantastic rum. It is a bit too expensive, which also hurts the rating, but the taste is just wonderful and something everyone should be able to enjoy.