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Don Q Gran Anejo rum

Don Q Gran Anejo

Puerto Rico | Aged

7.4/10(160 ratings)
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160 Don Q Gran Anejo ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 252 ratings

I had great expectation from this fine presentation, but found ordinary rum in the bottle. Nothing bad nothing great.


Posted 5 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

For over $50 a bottle I expected something better than what was in the bottle (a very nice bottle incidentally -- worth saving and reusing after scraping the lettering off -- BTW, make sure you have it on a sturdy flat surface because the artificial cork they use has a tight...and I mean A rather dry Puerto Rican rum with very strong oak flavor...more akin to a bourbon than a rum IMHO. Not necessarily a bad thing if you also like bourbon...I do not. Some will probably like this as a sipping rum but for it's too harsh for sipping and needs to be mixed or added to Coke Zero. [NOTE: Just added 3oz to a 16.9oz bottle of Coke Zero -- definitely an improvement.]


Posted almost 5 years ago by Russ from United States with 85 ratings

It's a good rum, but that's the problem. A Grand Anejo should offer something a little more.


Posted almost 6 years ago by RumRunner from United States with 37 ratings

This isn't a bad rum but it's far from great. The bottle may be it's most distinctive feature. Notice there isn't a single review focusing on taste and aroma? That's because this disappointing rum has no distinctive flavor. I can't identify a characteristic. It's reasonably smooth but yet has an after burn that you'll notice at first. This isn't bad. It's just not great. I can think of 10 rums I'd rather drink but at least 10 that are far worse.


Posted almost 2 years ago by cowboykidd from United States with 9 ratings

I gave it 6 stars because it does mix okay. However, at this price it should not need to be mixed to be good. Compared to similarly priced rums it has a bitter and harsh flavor. It was not so harsh that it could not be sipped, like many cheaper rums, but it was not an enjoyable sip either.


Posted 3 years ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 213 ratings

That was the highlight for me , the classy bottle. I've tried this rum a couple of times now and wanted it to grow on me.. its not ! Lovely golden straw colour when poured , good medium legs in the glass.
Honey is the only aroma that comes to mind apart from astringent alcohol vapours. I left in the glass for the usual 20 mins but still very fiery . It says 6-12 years on the box but tastes very young to me.
Adding a teaspoon of water helped with the taming of the beast but its not for me im afraid. This will be an expensive mixer ....


Posted 11 months ago by Miguel from Germany with 13 ratings

Also für den Preis hätte ich wirklich was besseres erwartet.
Ich fand der roch ein bisschen nach Kleber. Pur hat er mir nicht wirklich geschmeckt. Mit Cola war der in Ordnung wobei er dafür echt zu teuer ist. Ich kann den nicht wirklich empfehlen.


Posted 3 years ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 369 ratings

Many years ago, a co-worker who was from Puerto Rico told me that Don Q had the best rums. Since he was a refined gentleman and I was looking for yet another reason to bid Bacardi farewell, I bought one of their basic rums from the grocery store. Horrible stuff! I swore off Don Q at that time, but should have bought their standard Anejo instead, which is supposedly just as good as their Gran Anejo.

Then I got to reading reviews on this one here at Rum Ratings and added it to my wish list. Lo and behold, I found one of two remaining dusty bottles on the bottom shelf for $51 each. This should have told me something about it not being worth the money. A very good liquor store can drop subtle hints like this, as well as put some really good cheap ones on the top shelf.

Discarding the silly box on the outside, I had one rough time opening the tightest cork that I had ever encountered. I thought that something was wrong with it. Wiggling it back and forth finally allowed me to open it. It is a plastic cork, but these things prevent spoilage better than real corks made for wine to breathe. This first sign was a good one.

The nose was almost nothing. The taste was like a fine bourbon with no added sweetness or artificial flavors. It was as smooth as can be, but also not memorable at all. An ice cube did nothing to open up the flavors. The pretty bottle could easily impress guests, but that is not my style. However, I will savor this most expensive bottle of rum that I own just like I did for that only bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 15 year old bourbon many years ago. That bourbon lasted me for a record six months figuring that I could never find another one again. How right I was! But I won't be looking for another bottle of this over priced rum.

Update: Eventually, half of this bottle was gone and I was sick of looking at it to remind me that it inspired my personal limit of $50 per bottle. I also had a half bottle of the much cheaper Don Q Anejo. Hmmm! You guessed it! I poured this half bottle into the half bottle of Don Q Anejo and that combination made for a wonderful sipping rum that I still have. Since I could not wait to get that empty pretty bottle of Don Q Gran Anejo out of my sight, I gave it to my neighbor. However, Don Q and Cruzan now rate as my two best brands of budget rums from the northeastern Caribbean to avoid sipping on the expensive ones in my collection.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Laurent Lapierre from Canada with 59 ratings

Bon rhum mais sans plus, rien d'extraordinaire, mais bon quand meme


Posted over 4 years ago by Ron Fuerte from United States with 4 ratings

Tried this along side other Don Q offerings. Found that their standard Añejo and the 2005 Single Barrel had a much better flavor. A bit on the pricey side for what you get.