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Don Q Anejo rum

Don Q Anejo

Puerto Rico | Gold

73 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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73 Don Q Anejo ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by PTGarcia from United States with 23 ratings

This is one of (3) rums I recommend to all rum drinker types and to introduce a novie to "the better stuff". At $16 it is the best rum I can find under $20. Decent to sip, good on the rocks and makes an excellent Cuba Libre.


Posted over 3 years ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 423 ratings

Helles honiggelb im Glas
In der Nase ein kleiner Strauss mit frischgepflückten Blumen und frischen tropischen Früchten umgeben von einem hauch Vanille.
Im Gaumen sehr mild und ? Wer hat meinem Rum die Aromen gekaut !? Ah, doch da sind Spuren von Vanille und Früchte. Das Ganze wirkt etwas wässerig und verdünnt aber dennoch harmonisch und lecker.
Im Abgang erstaunlich lang ein wenig nach frisch gepresstem Zuckerrohr.
Ein junger Aromatischer Rum für Einsteiger oder zum Mixen.

Bright honey yellow in the glass
In the nose a small bouquet of freshly picked flowers and fresh tropical fruits surrounded by a hint of vanilla.
Very mild on the palate and? Who chewed the aromas of my rum? Ah, but there are traces of vanilla and fruits. The whole thing looks a bit watery and diluted but still harmonious and delicious.
In the finish surprisingly long a little after freshly pressed sugar cane.
A young aromatic rum for beginners or for mixing.


Posted 4 months ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 134 ratings

The nose is strong, esthery, with tropical fruits, after while it reveals also cocoa, oak and leather. The taste starts with fruity sweet notes, turning toward mild oak, hint of tobacco, dark chocolate, ending with a bitter sweet cocoa dot which lasts in the pleasant and long aftertaste with a bit of an alcohol kick. Overall the rum is very well crafted, with no apparent artificial components besides caramel coloring, to a certain point it reminds me of Bajan rums - which means I like it. It is smooth enough to enjoy neat and it is very reasonably priced, so it can be used as a premium mixer too.


Posted 7 months ago by Cpt.J from United States with 14 ratings

Really, it’s what you’d expect for the price. Don q does have, in my opinion, the best white rum, but this just isn’t up to that standard.


Posted 1 year ago by krasnal from Poland with 45 ratings

No w końcu udało się trafić rozsądny rum. Dobry. Polecam


Posted 1 year ago by carl from United States with 56 ratings

At $16 per bottle, this one is hard to beat. It’s almost a sipper in its own right, fairly dry with a little burn. It really shines as a high-end mixer, which is in line with the price. It makes a nice rum old fashioned as well :-)


Posted over 1 year ago by je_farley from United States with 107 ratings

A bit harsh on the nose and tongue this is not a sipper. Okay as a mixer but the lack of body makes it mediocre at best. Some of the harsh taste even comes out with coke. Have not tried it as a blender and probably won’t, can’t see this taste profile adding to any cocky.

Each to their own but this is not going to have a place in my bar...


Posted over 1 year ago by Mujuru from United States with 81 ratings

This is ok to mix but it I find it a bit too bland and harsh to drink straight up. I find Havana Club Anejo to be superior both in terms of versatility and taste. Puerto Rican’s I know swear by this rum, but I think there are better options even from Puerto Rico. Maybe it just doesn’t fit my preferred flavor profiles.

Nose: 5
Palate: 5
Aftertaste: 5
Smoothness: 4
Versatility: 7
Price: 6

Total: 5.3


Posted over 1 year ago by jancewicz from Poland with 33 ratings

Not bad at all. Mild and cremy. Woody. Smooth aftertaste. Lack of intensity a bit. Okaish, nothing more.


Posted over 1 year ago by Ryan from United States with 27 ratings

I did not know what to really expect from this rum as it was not one that I had researched. It was weak on flavor. I will not buy this one again.