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Diplomatico Reserva rum

Diplomatico Reserva

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of | Aged

Diplomatico Reserva rum is distilled from molasses using both copper pot and column stills. The rum is then aged in small oak casks for between 2 and 8 years before blending and bottling.

the Diplomatico distillery is located on the northern slopes of the Andes mountains in Venezuela. The area has a rich rum history dating to 1896,

6.6/10 (357 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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357 Diplomatico Reserva ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Gareth from Curacao with 93 ratings

Nice rum to go with a coke or to mix with it not a sipper


Posted almost 4 years ago by Michael Loggies from Netherlands with 51 ratings

Nice, smooth rum with a sweet vanilla taste. Still prefer the reserva exclusiva.


Posted almost 4 years ago by Demno from Czech Republic with 91 ratings

From the affordable Dipllomatico rum offer, the best price/value choice is for sure the "green bottle" Reserva Exclusiva. This Reserva rum is missing the smoothness, the aroma richness and the nice feeling of the Exlusiva rum... it is simply too harsh for my apetite.

On the other hand compared to other younger/cheaper rums (5/8 years old) it may be a good choice. But in that case I would suggest something like Plantation Barbados...


Posted almost 4 years ago by Titomm from Canada with 62 ratings

Tasted the diplomatico Reserva and his big brother Reserva Exlusiva side to side. Surprisingly different. While good and worth it, the Reserva exclusiva was better, more complex, with caramel notes, while this one had more "alcohol" notes and a relatively strong cigar notes.

Ai goûté le diplomatico Reserva et son grand frère Reserva Exlusiva côte à côte. Étonnamment différents. Bien que bon et en vaut la peine, le Reserva Exclusiva était mieux, plus complexe et plus rond, avec des notes de caramel, alors que celui-ci la sensation d'alcool et d'assez fortes notes de "cigare" étaient plus présente, avec une texture plus mince. Reste que ce rhum demeure très agréable et seul, sera très plaisant !


Posted 4 years ago by KristofB from Belgium with 28 ratings

Did not know what to expect, just saw it in the store and bought it, but it is really nice. Makes me want to buyt the more expensive brother, i read it is even better, and as this one is allready great quality, i can only imagine...


Posted 4 years ago by radu steolea from Romania with 4 ratings

un excelent mix cu arome de vanilie si caramel, cu usoara tenta de migdale.... superb


Posted 4 years ago by Frank mac from United Kingdom with 53 ratings

I really liked the flavours of this rum, not quite as good as the reserva exclusiva but still warm flavoured, went down a treat with Coke and ice.


Posted over 4 years ago by Robert from United States with 23 ratings

9 for the price, can't get something that smooth for that cheap, awesome rum, good son to the exclusiva


Posted over 4 years ago by Bradley Stapleton from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

While a little harsh, this is standout for it's multiple amazing flavors that shift gear with just the first sip!
Get's better as you have more also. Excited to try the Exclusiva


Posted over 4 years ago by Alo from Estonia with 13 ratings

Good drinkable rum, but nothing special as i remember.


Posted over 4 years ago by Olaf from Netherlands with 59 ratings

Not as good as the Exclusiva, it's still a very decent taste. Here also the hints of caramel and vanilla are a fine get together. Where the Exclusiva is smooth, this one has some sharp edges. This bottle was a nice tasting, but I'd still spend a bit more to get the Exclusiva.