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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum is distilled from molassis in copper pot stills and then aged in small oak casks for on average 12 years before being bottled.

Produced in Venezuela, which has a rich rum history dating to 1896, the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva distillery is located on the northern slopes of the Andes mountains.

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As rum classification goes, terminology seems open to interpretation. For me, this and other rums (Zaya GR-12, Centenario-25, El Dorado SR-15) fall into the category of Aged Amber Rums. Within that classification, Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva is #1 or #2. I lived in Guyana for 6-months and am partial to this type of rum. I find the nose to be vanilla with a hint of toffee and possibly nutmeg. It is smooth to taste and leaves a light spiced fruit and vanilla aftertaste. Best neat or with a few drops of water.

First things first: I have a sweet tooth. This rum is too sweet. It is also delicious and anyone who says otherwise is a snooty liar! Are we good? Cool. On to the review:

I was expecting this to be good, but I was not at all expecting what I got. I am not disappointed however. I was ready for this rum to remind me of summer days one the beach, but instead, I'm getting what I can only describe as "winter camping." The nose starts off with an assault of brown sugar and butterscotch, but after giving it time, it slowly opens up to reveal mint, smoke, evergreen needles and stone, and something that just strikes me as "cold." Entry is the smoothest I've encountered, thanks surely to the massive, undeniable sugar content. The palette offers rich vanilla, caramel, and campfire, along with faint undertones of spearmint and marshmallow. On the finish you get chocolate wafer, charred wood, brown sugar and tree sap, all accompanied by a comforting warmth that spreads throughout your chest.
Whether you want a winter mood-setter, or a summer time-warp, this rum is an absolute treat year-round!!

The Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva has a delicious and inviting bouquet. The aromas coming from the glass are rich and luxurious. There is a whiff of caramel with accents of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and walnuts. Some oak noted from the barrel aging lies alongside the other scents and smells.
SWEET but naturally sweet..
There is a nice underlying nuttiness (walnuts and hazelnuts), some sweet caramel and some very delicious spices (vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar). As the glass breathes, The richness of the rum builds and I taste even more brown sugar and cinnamon with butter.
This a remarkable rum at any price. I’ve been sampling and experimenting with different rum for the past six months and this is absolutely my favorite out of the 30+ that I’ve tried .

As a rum it's a 3, as a rum liquor it's a 6.
Sugar test - 41 grams.

A Venezuelan friend introduced me to Diplomatico in Mexico City. My Brother had Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva at his wedding reception. Way too sweet for me! Cloying. Cacique on the other hand is a fine Venezulan Rum.

In general this rum is good and smooth good sipper. For its sweetnes and price it got not enough full body taste. Since its sweet and well known rum it tend to be overrated - yes there are better rums for its price.
Aroma: Sweetness dominates , then kinda fruity
Taste: Nice and smooth in begginnig due to its sweetness, little fruity then nothing big.
Compared to:
Pampero anniverasario: Pampero is cheaper, in taste its more full but less sweet.
Plantation 20yo anni.: For little more money you got much more in taste and aroma, plantation is little less sweet aswell

I was excited to try a dram as seing a lot of popularity over this one.

Very very, sweet aroma. Taste wise the flavour to me was strong amounts of honey.

This is delicious and I would use it to get people into rum. It's incredibly smooth. But after a while and after you've experienced enough rums you may start to find this just a bit too sweet and you may even wonder, did they put some extra sugar in here?

As the title. Heavy vanilla. Thick siropy mouthfeel. Very very smooth but not suprising with the large amount of sugar added. Marketing got it wrong here. I think they forgot to add the word "liqueur" on the label.

I am surprised by the high average mark, but from the top:
Nice bottle, decent price.
Nose: sweet caramel and vanilla, lots of vanilla
Mouth: Dominated by vanilla, an amount that cannot come from a bourbon cask alone. Sweet figs somwhere in there. Very smooth.
Finish: gentle, almost no burn.

While I like a decent demerara rum like Zacapa and El Dorado this is way over the top for me. The vanilla kills the other aromas and feels artificial.

Wow. I knew it was going to be sweet, but I didn't realize just how sweet.

As others mention, there's VERY little bite, and only mild warmth on the finish hinting that this is actually a spirit. That's not a good sign. This stuff is basically spiked sugar syrup, and little else. The more complex flavors are almost totally masked by the sweetness.

After sitting in the glass for 15 minutes, the nose congealed into the focused smell of vanilla frosting. I don't think I could tell the two apart.

I couldn't finish my glass. Ice wouldn't help, and Coke has gobs of sugar already. I imagine this could make a killer Daiquiri... rum, lime, and no sugar. Still, I see this strictly as a mixer.

As even "Flawed with a glimmer of hope" seems generous, I have no reservation in awarding this my lowest rating to-date. And this is just a wild guess, but I think the imaginary un-sugared version would be still be only a 6. Too bad they have no incentive to change...

Tried a bottled of this, pretty sweet, but a good starter rum for sipping. I think the Ron Zacapa 23 was a little more balanced, but their both solid choices for sweetened sipping rums.

I love the flavor and that it has a gentle burn. First time I tasted it was on Crete, where I asked the bartender for his best sipping rom, and he came with the cheapest one. Not because of the price, but the rich taste, it has since been a part of my collection at home

Very good and tastes even better with some dark chocolate!

Diplomatico Reserva exclusiva was my first rum, still my favourite. On the other hand a lot of added sugar and higher price compared to.similar sweet rums.

This is a sweet and inexpensive rum. It will please just about everyone looking for a mellow sipper. What it lacks in the complexity that its older brothers, the single vintage expressions has, it makes up for in its low price. It becomes a little to syrup-like after the first glass.

That rhum was tasty and very smooth. One of my best rhum!

Doux et Sucré - très caramélisé !
On adore ou on déteste le coté sirop, a vous de voir !

Super god - får sgwm af banen som noget af det første - meget lidt drikkelig

9/10 for the complex wonderful aroma, 6/10 for almost liqueur-like sweetness. Altogether, 7.5/10 would be fitting. If they dropped the amount of added sugar from 40g/l to 20g/l it would have been perfect, possibly better than Zacapa 23 Solera. As it is it's too sweet. I really enjoy it poured into a snifter glass, as if it was a good cognac, and just smell it for a while.

One workaround for the sweetness is to mix it 50/50 with Mount Gay XO. The resulting rum is simply perfect.

This one is very smooth and sweet tasting rum with nice fruits and spices aroma.

Another must have in my cabinet. Great value for money.

Tasty even for sipping, but for me its little bit overrated. On the other hand, for given price best rum there is.

Quit smooth moderately sweet, caramel but more. There is a definite complexity there but subtle.. outstanding sipper for the price.