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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum is distilled from molassis in copper pot stills and then aged in small oak casks for on average 12 years before being bottled.

Produced in Venezuela, which has a rich rum history dating to 1896, the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva distillery is located on the northern slopes of the Andes mountains.

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My favorite by far. Do not mix this Rum whit anything. Enjoy it strait on the Rocks. You will want more.

Pomer cena a vykon - parada.

Moj oblubeny rum. Chut, vona, farba, dozvuky - vsetko super... takto ma chutit rum.

Velmi dobry rum. Je staly clen mojej silnej rumovej zbierky, teraz dokonca v pocte dvoch flias :)

Priznam sa, ze existuje aj lepsi rum ale ak zaratam cenu, tak konkurenta som este nenasiel...

Best rum i've ever tasted, taste like dessert in liquid form.
An absolutely phenomenal bottle of rum...

One of the best tasting rums ive ever had, super smooth no need to put ice or mix it with anything. Has a light hint of vanilla which makes it interesting in my opinion. This rum is perfect to sip little by little and it doesnt give you a hungover the next morning. Love love love👏🏼👏🏼
Cool bottle btw

Väldigt balanserad och otroligt god och mjuk smak, något jag uppskattar när jag smakar en rom. Diplomatico reserva Exclusiva är en av mina stora favoriter


So far, this is my absolute favorite rum. You don't need ice to mellow it out, it has almost no burn, but still full of flavor. I wouldn't dare put this in a cocktail or with coke, it would be a disgrace to do that. It is extremely smooth.

I am beginer in rum. But i love this one. I must have it home always.

I have to say I find some of the negative comments about this little beauty a bit uncalled for. I also have to say I am no expert in Rhum but whilst people get carried away with the aficionado talk about it not being a Rhum because its too sweet, this may, in fact, be a shortcoming in their knowledge. I'm not going to go into a chemistry lesson about sugars but in summary, this sugary taste can also be achieved in the process without adding sugar to sweeten it and can be in fact a byproduct of the process and may be intentional for the reasons mentioned in the negative comments, however, it does not necessarily make it a liqueur. I and many others like this Rhum and that is what matters. It's a bit like people who say it's an awful wine because the experts say it is, when in fact it could be very nice. I think maybe the wording should actually read something like "it's a little/too sweet for my palette" not condemn it to not being a Rhum.

Klart den bedste i mit skab. Er virkelig lækker. Nyder lidt for tit en når jeg for fri fra arbejde.

This has to be one of the best rums I've ever had. Smoot, this is so smooth you can drink it neat. I'll definitely be buying this one again !


I have tried in harrys on the green bar and it's amazing and a old fashioned rum

Para las personas amantes de los rones dulces, este es un ganador. Un súper ron con gran cuerpo en boca, y sabores de caramelo, vainilla y afrutado.

C est celui qui m a fait aimer le rhum et je lui suis toujours fidèle.
Il est très sucré mais avec juste ce qu il faut d alcool au niveau du corps.
Bonne longueur en bouche et une bonne palette de saveurs.
Le must pour moi qui n aime pas les rhum agricoles.
Au fil du temps je le trouve un peu trop sucré mais il mérite mon 10 pour son prix.

Very complex rum where the fruity notes combine nicely with hints of vanilla, caramel and oak. Definitely not the kind of rum to be altered by adding soda, juice or other concoctions. Meant to be enjoyed neat and with a good price point, this Rum should be a welcome addition to anyone looking to add to their collection or to taste a flavorful and exquisite rum.

Love that the first sip gives a mouthful of wonderful flavor. Most enjoyable sipping rum, I've tried by far. "Purists" may object that sugar is added (which is old news as it has long been a practice for some rums), but I judge by the flavor of rums and this is seriously good rum.

Had this rum for the first time and I will say all of the reviews are correct. Smooth as silk, hints of carmel and smoke flavours. Best sipping rum I've had and will now be in my bar

Great body not too sweet. One of my top 3 out of 30 tasted so far.

Delish! Love this stuff..creamy and vanilla/caramel flavors make it candy for big kids!

This rum has an absolutely fantastic taste both in the mouth and aftertaste. It's aroma is heavenly. A must for anyone who enjoys a true rum.

I am by no means a rum expert. I have toyed with low level rims for a number of years. This has to be the best rum I have ever been introduced to. I look forward to trying the other varieties of this manufacturer. I find it hard to believe that anybody could be disappointed by buying this bottle. I paid $38 for it at Winn-Dixie.

Complex aroma of cinnamon, dates, maple syrup. Goes down smooth with only a slight burn, leaving an aftertaste of prunes.

Profumo classico, gusto perfettamente equilibrato. In bocca è delicatissimo e quando scende sprigiona tutta la sua intensità.

En av de beste jeg har smakt, velbalansert rund og god i smaken, må absolutt ikke blandes ut, drikkes i tulipanglass !!
Løp og kjøp !!

Not being a millionaire I took the advice from a friend from Venezuela on this on. The smoothest sipping rum I've ever tasted. It's complex, not hot, zero fire on the back end. It's almost like a sugar wash on the finish. I'm amazed how good this tastes on the rocks. I now save it for special occasions only. With my rum budget it's at the top but well worth it...