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Dictador XO Insolent rum

Dictador XO Insolent

Colombia | Aged

Our bold move! Your perfect finish for a meal. Extra old. Blended rum between 25-35 years old. Aged in American Oak ex-bourbon and port casks which have been re-changed in some stages of the aging process.

133 ratings
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133 Dictador XO Insolent ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Rum un from United Kingdom with 59 ratings

Tasted this back to back with the dictador 20yr old.

This tastes much "thinner" and much more alcohol.

Still quite sweet and a little toffee. A little chewy.

For me not as good as the 20 yr old. I think it is a fair bit more expensive.


Posted 5 years ago by mistercoughy from United States with 239 ratings

I'm suspicious of this rum because so many of the brands from South America seem to be doctored with flavorings, colorants and added sugar without the slightest regard for ethical practices. This one features chocolate, coffee, spice and anise - it's positively tasty as all get up, but should the label say "flavored rum"? The company say that it's made, not from molasses but from "sugar cane honey". Same as St. Nicholas Abbey rums. However, Dictador and St. Nick's are polar opposites. This rum is not at all subtle, with flavors that will demand your attention. It's delicious, but can we see a list of ingredients? I didn't think so...


Posted over 1 year ago by J1gg1ns from United Kingdom with 59 ratings

I got a 5cl mini bottle of this, along with Perpetual and out of the 2, i slightly prefer this one. First off, this is one of the nicest smelling rums i have laid my nose on! This is odd for me to say, but the smell is very similar to an aftershave by Carner Barcelona called El Born! Very nice indeed. The taste is very unique too, giving a nice warm honey vibe although i found the finish to be quite short. I feel bad rating this as a 7 because in reality, i would give it a 7.5 but i have my own rating system and would like to stick to it rather than dishing out 8's and 9's when i know there are rums out there that just give me that little extra. Overall, this is a nice rum worth trying, i just seem to favor rums that have that gorgeous finish like with Doorly's 12 & 14, Appleton 12 & joy.


Posted almost 6 years ago by nomad from United States with 131 ratings

Coffee and anise dominate. The anise is usually a dealbreaker for me, but in this case, it's ok. I know what the testing says, but this is cloyingly sweet. Seems like it was made in a lab instead of a barrel.

edited to add sugar test results- 4g


Posted 2 years ago by MartinK from Slovakia with 45 ratings

Vona po kave a orieskoch. Chut po prazenych orieskoch, tabaku, anize, primerane sladka, stiplava, na XO rum je v chuti velmi vyrazny alkohol. Telo tento rum ako keby nemal. V ustach mi po vypiti ostava neprijemna pachut. Musim priznat, ze cela standardna rada Dictador mi vobec nechuti, ako rumy 12y a 20y, tak ani drahsie verzie Insolent a Perpetual. Za tie peniaze poznam kopec chutovo lepsich rumov. Toto nieje pre mna...


Posted over 3 years ago by Matt from Australia with 17 ratings

I really wanted to like this but I don't like the tobacco and coffee that dominate the flavour profile. It isn't particularly rich,sweet or complex but instead feels quite thin in the mouth. It just doesn't balance well for me. At this price the zacapa xo wins every time. I'm sure it'll taste great drowned in coke though. I just like my rum neat and this doesn't cut it.


Posted 4 years ago by Tim Acel from United States with 9 ratings

Not my favorite, complex but unbalanced. Better on the nose than on the lips. Bitterness that I can't place but definitely nutty with wood taste with aroma of sweetness. I will pass on buying another bottle.


Posted 6 years ago by Dave from United States with 36 ratings

I bought a bottle after seeing it rated so highly by online reviews. Thought it had a taste I couldn't put my finger on. Re-read some reviews and agree it is like a butterscotch/toffee. Smooth though, no burn aftertaste.

I have less expensive rums which I think taste much better. Paid $100 US for the bottle.


Posted 1 month ago by tesibaer from Germany with 13 ratings

On the nose and on the palate notes of coffee, nougat, milk cream, cocoa, berries, cherries and vanilla. Unfortunately extremely artificial coffee and vanilla aroma. Unfortunately not tart, hardly any spice, just overlaid with artificial flavors.

In der Nase und am Gaumen Noten von Kaffee, Nougat, Milchcreme, Kakao, Beeren, Kirschen und Vanille. Leider extrem künstliches Kaffee- und Vanille-Aroma. Leider nicht herb, kaum Würze, nur überlagert mit künstlichen Aromen.


Posted 5 months ago by CJ1999 from United Kingdom with 85 ratings

For others I know this rum is revolutionary. Tingling the taste buds of people who are after strong, sweet and dense rum. However I find it overpowering, sickly and too dense.