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Dictador XO Insolent rum

Dictador XO Insolent

Colombia | Aged

Our bold move! Your perfect finish for a meal. Extra old. Blended rum between 25-35 years old. Aged in American Oak ex-bourbon and port casks which have been re-changed in some stages of the aging process.

8.4/10(130 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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130 Dictador XO Insolent ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Domstadtkerl from Germany with 39 ratings

Was für ein Rum. Tiefgründig, schwer, Vanille, Kaffee, Holz.
Geile dunkle Farbe, aber nicht zu dunkel als das es künstlich wirken würde.

Macht Lust auf mehr. Quasi kein Zucker beigemischt.
Dennoch extrem mild und weich. Toller langer Nachgeschmack, kein Nachbrennen im Gaumen.

Etwas teuer, aber immer noch im vernünftigen Rahmen. Habe die Flasche für 63€ bekommen.


Posted 1 year ago by HawsepiperMaster from United States with 16 ratings

Rude Dictator? Smooth as silk! First sip and this earned merit as one of my all time greats! So great that mixing it would be a crime. Perfectly balanced.


Posted 26 days ago by Max from France with 5 ratings

XO Insolent- creme brûlée in a glass! Amazing for desert


Posted 11 months ago by OctavianCatusanu from Romania with 1 rating

It is a bit sweet, with hints of vanilla, smooth like honey and a very, very mild burn, almost unnoticeable. I enjoyed this with a Cohiba cigar on my balcony during the 2020 quarantine. I've never experienced such a great rum. Truly a 10!


Posted 11 days ago by Georg from United States with 4 ratings

To drink rum with such rich taste it’s my first time! Amazingly tasty, easy to enjoy on its own or with ice!


Posted 1 month ago by from Austria with 51 ratings

wow - wow - wow. Nuts, sweat and milions of explosions. Goes away fast :-)


Posted 7 months ago by Bramski from Netherlands with 14 ratings

The smell, my god, the smell.. Vanilla and spices. It demands you to take a sip. Complexity of taste all around. The coffee taste combines with gentle sweetness without being too much. It still has a nice kick as experienced in the subtle afterburn. Every sip you take is a party and a litlle surprise to your tastebuds. Cheers to one of the finest rums around!

Small plantation

Posted 5 months ago by Montal from Romania with 20 ratings

This is the best Dictador i ever tried, the coffee, vanilla, honey, caramel are present.Unlike the 20 year old, this one has a subtle aroma. It is sweet but the flavor and smoothness is absolutely incredible,the aftertaste lingers warmly and pleasantly. A must try and have in your collection.


Posted 3 years ago by Regan from Canada with 75 ratings

This rum is amazing from pop of cork to last sip ,
Amazing aroma , vanilla , cinnamon and caramel what a wonderful experience. I shall savour every glass I pour smooth , smooth , smooooooooth . FREAKING AMAZING RUM !!!10 plus


Posted almost 3 years ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 369 ratings

Early on in my rum search, I made the mistake of buying Don Q Gran Anejo, which inspired my strict self imposed limit of $50 per bottle. So what would it take for me to take the risk up to a much higher cost? Based upon my top 5, the older version of El Dorado 12 seemed like the best choice, but I was not as pleased with their ED15 and was not about to risk the bucks on ED21. My Dictador 12 had slowly worked it's way up into my top 5 and I also found out that it can be considered dry for a minimal amount of added sugar. It obtains it's sweetness from the barrels that were used to age aguardiente. I then began reading reviews on more pricey Dictador rums and chose their XO Insolent.

Since this was a candidate for my rating of a 10, I had to compare it side by side in Glencairn glasses with two others. My only rum that I rated as a 10 had to be one of them and the Dictador 12 had to be the other one. So essentially, I was comparing the overly sweetened (but very well done) Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva to the dry Dictadors at 5 gpl or less added sugar.

Update 06APR18: My XO Insolent has been resting in its darkened bottle for almost 30 days now. Trying it again, it has proven itself to be a leader of the pack! IT REALLY NEEDS TIME TO BREATHE IN THE BOTTLE TO BRING OUT IT"S FLAVORS!!! After letting it rest in it's bottle, I seriously doubt that I could find a better rum with minimal added sugar.

By the way, good rums improve in taste after opening, but most only get worse after opening. This is truly the ultimate test. No one should make a bad judgment on a rum after only the first taste unless it is totally disgusting with no chance for improvement after being allowed to breathe.

Any time that I took the chance in spending more than $55 on a bottle of rum, there was less than a 30% chance that it would wind up with my rating of an 8 or higher. This is quite sad really.

Update August 10, 2019: I now have all three of my favorite rums from Dictador and side by side comparison were made this afternoon. What sets this one apart from the Dictador 20 is it's complex finish. Is this worth an extra $35 US per bottle over the 20 year? That is up to you. The 20 year is almost a totally different rum than the 12 year. And yes, these are solera rums with no true aging!

Update October 13, 2019: My curiosity got the best of me this morning. I used this premium rum with it's coffee notes added to a cup of my normally great coffee. I used 3 TBS of ground Central American Arabica dark roast coffee to 2.5 cups of water. Once brewed, I add 2 tsp of demerara cane sugar and 2 tsp of creamer. One ounce of this rum was added for finish to the tune of about $4 US per ounce. It put my normally great tasting coffee over the top, but not enough to justify the expense. This is a neat sipper only!

Update May 12, 2020: I browsed my favorite clearance liquor store yesterday and found this one going for only $80 US. It was a no brainer to buy it. So why is my top ranked rum overall not selling? Something tells me that it is the very sticky paint that they use on the outside of the bottle. I cannot even remove the stickiness with rubbing alcohol. I am stuck wrapping a paper towel around the neck, which one should never have to do for a rum costing this much. Oh, but what is inside is worth all of the trouble from the outside.

Update October 27. 2020: Since many have asked about my spreadsheet that I use for keeping track of all the rums that I have rated here and I cannot include this image in the discussions, I hereby present it here along with my top pick. These are the 36 out of 336 rums that I have rated over almost three years and would not hesitate to buy again.