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Dictador 20-Year rum

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264 Dictador 20-Year ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by Cory from Australia with 27 ratings

I love this rum. Its coffee and caramal flavours are stunning. Its so very smooth.

Posted over 3 years ago by Ivan from Australia with 2 ratings

A beautiful dark rum which is big on the nose with camel toffee sugar and vanilla aromas. Deep and rich taste. Smells sweet and tastes smooth and dry. This is a must for your collection

Posted over 3 years ago by Daniel from Czech Republic with 117 ratings

Perfect without doubts nice smell Fine Taste on tongue.

Posted over 5 years ago by Peter from Hungary with 91 ratings

Once again,after finishing a 12yo Dictador, i had another present of my wonderful wife. The bottle didn't last long either,just like the 15yo El Dorado. Its hard to find a better rum then this.Addionally,the bottle style of Dictador is the coolest i ever seen

Posted about 3 years ago by Tony Lindo from Panama with 133 ratings

Firme, balanceado y elegante, tiene notas intrigantes de intensidad que sorprenden y deleitan. Miel dulce y especias con carácter se envuelven en un cálido toque ahumado. Cítricos, frutas tropicales maduras y caramelo entre notas de tabaco y pasas. El largo, suave y relajante final es complejo y fascinante - un sinnúmero de influencias que terminan con notas sutiles de turba.

Posted over 2 years ago by John Herve from United States with 3 ratings

Great aroma, complex, oak, coffee, christmas cake. Dry and long finish, citrus marmalade. Amazing

Posted over 2 years ago by JR from Netherlands with 7 ratings

Once I drank a bottle with some friends. It changed the whole conversation because of the character. Strong rum taste which leaves a sparkle in your mouth and the mind

Posted over 1 year ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 297 ratings

This Dictador is priced at about halfway between Dictador 12 and Dictador XO Insolent. So I needed to find out if it is worth the extra money over the 12 and is it almost as good as the XO Insolent? The answer to both questions is "YES!!!". The flavors are much more pronounced than the 12 and comparing side by side almost makes the 12 seem like a bourbon. Since this company also sells coffee and stores the beans in the barrels used to age these rums, coffee dominates the taste. You will either love these rums or hate them. I happen to love them. Great taste with no added sugars.

Since this is the second most expensive rum that I have ever purchased ($65), I consider it and it's older brother XO Insolent at $96 to be reserved for special occasions. I am glad that I bought a whole bottle to test side by side against the 12 rather than try one ounce at a bar and rely on my memory of what the 12 tasted like. These two are not even close in comparison to taste.

After only 5 days of opening this bottle and comparing it to my other highly rated rums, I have no choice except to raise my initial rating from a 9 to a 10! However, if you hate coffee, you will disagree with me on this one. This one for me is a $65 bottle of perfection in a rum. I would not hesitate to buy this one again on a regular basis. Only 25% of the rums that I have rated here fall into this category of repeat purchases being justified.

Update August 10, 2019: I now find myself with all three of my favorites: Dictador 12, Dictador 20, and Dictador XO Insolent. Time for side by side comparisons neat. This one makes the Dictador 12 seem like Angostura 1919. which is a good thing, but still not up to the level of the finest Dictadors. This is still damn good rum worthy of my 10 rating, but it lacks the refined finish of the Dictador XO Insolent. If that finish is worth an extra $35 US per bottle to you, then go for it.

Posted over 3 years ago by chibbo van straaten from Netherlands with 4 ratings

Here in holland whe have a little candy called haagse hopje. This is exactly the taste of this dictador 20Y!
Espresso, brown sugar vanilla mokka and on and on love it. Like trump says it will never be better

Posted about 3 years ago by Tobias Hansen from Denmark with 96 ratings

Klart min goto rom for tiden med en dejlig tone af lakrids

Posted over 1 year ago by Lydius from Denmark with 11 ratings

Lucka 1. Riktigt bra. rund i smaken med inslag av karamell och vanilj

Posted 12 months ago by Regan from Canada with 69 ratings

You know some would say this is to sweet or not rum like at all but I guess I’m not one of them this Dictador 20 is first class the aroma is out of this world I pop the cork now and then just take it in makes me want to Drink the whole bottle right there and then , smooth vanilla , coffee , caramel just a fine fine sipping rum niiiiiice !!

Posted over 4 years ago by Carlos from United States with 24 ratings

DICTADOR 20. Another bottler I just finish from Cartagena Colombia . I will begin by stating for the record that a wonderful rum like this 20 Year Old SOLERA SYSTEM may easily be drank neat at room temperature this would be my recommendation for anyone who is trying this rum for the first time. Is very complex and is easy to taste the waltnut flavoring if sipped. Very enjoyable.

Posted over 3 years ago by Thomas from Switzerland with 3 ratings

Ein komplexer, vielschichtiger Rum mit Noten von Karamell, süssen Vanilletönen und Kaffeearomen. Sehr ausgewogen und delikat, mit langem, würzig-süssem Nachklang.

Posted over 3 years ago by NutterSipper from United States with 20 ratings

On the nose, notes of tangerine. On the palate some sweetness, old wood, burnt molasses, raisins and a lot of depth, . Similar depth to Pampero or K&S 18yo and a flavor profile mid-way between Pampero and El Dorado 12yo but not as sweet.

Posted 6 months ago by Jero83 from Colombia with 10 ratings

Magical aroma, no easy to understand how can it smell like that. Perfect taste and beautiful color, it keeps being one of my favorit ones.

Posted almost 4 years ago by Anthony C. from France with 12 ratings

Le 12 ans est déjà très bon, mais le 20 est au dessus : longueur en bouche plus longue, palette aromatique plus large. Un vrai rhum!!!

Posted over 3 years ago by FilipT from Czech Republic with 42 ratings

Má tmavě jantarovou barvu s červenohnědými tóny.
Ve vůni objevíme karamel, vanilku, med a praženou kávu.
Můj oblíbený rum. Krásná matně černá lahev.

Posted about 4 years ago by Brett Martinez from United States with 13 ratings

I think this rum is very good. I don't like my rums to be very sweet. This is a very nice non sweet rum

Posted over 3 years ago by BARCAS from Colombia with 24 ratings

From Cartagena. Inside of this black bottle, you can find the history taste of my city. Vanilla from the barrels included

Posted over 3 years ago by Titomm from Canada with 59 ratings

Excellent, suave, un réel plaisir. Vaut chaque dollars.

Un must !

Posted about 4 years ago by java from Czech Republic with 11 ratings

Můj čtvrtý rum a chuť pro mě byla obrovským překvapení. Není nějak příliš sladký a je hodně cítit káva a med. Bohužel jsem začátečník, tak to nedokážu zatím více popsat... jedině že je hladký, že v krku nedrhne.

Posted over 4 years ago by Kristof from Belgium with 36 ratings

The coffee taste is pretty intense and I guess that is not for everyone's taste. I love it tho, one of my absolute favorites!

Posted over 4 years ago by Kukla Martin from Czech Republic with 12 ratings

The wonderful oak and caramel syrup. Long aftewards, I can taste coffee and chocolate. Is extremely well crafted and balanced.