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Lemon Hart 151 rum

Lemon Hart 151

Guyana | Overproof

66 ratings
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66 Lemon Hart 151 ratings

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Posted 4 months ago by eadrn from United States with 49 ratings

I prefer to most other overproofs that I have tried.


Posted over 2 years ago by GxRxP from United States with 1 rating

Enjoyed out of a Glencairn.

One of the more pleasant overproofs. Oaky with demerara and vanilla notes. Not overly sweet. Obviously a powerful drink, but even sipped straight it seems less assertively alcohol-forward than its ABV would belie.


Posted over 2 years ago by Aaron from Canada with 69 ratings

Hefty banana and caramel on the nose. Not too much burn as some other ratings imply. First taste brings sweet notes of apricot and a very toasty oak to the forefront. Very flavourful for a 151. Finishes out with a superb, lingering burn. Tingling all along the tongue. Hardly needs any mix given the flavours compounding throughout. Love it!


Posted over 2 years ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 472 ratings

This is an overproof rum, so lets not mess about it smells like it will kill you !
On the nose burnt chocolate and dark iak wood .

Drink it and wow it tastes like a thick rum treacle which is truly awesome and has loads of funk flavours . A Demerara delight, the only downside is that it's very rarely available in the UK , I can imagine in a cocktail it's a knockout .


Posted over 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2727 ratings

Had a rum tasting on a sunny afternoon, because why not. Lemon Hart 151 Rum bottle and label design looks dull. Super strong glue and a whole lot of alcohol to the nose and palate. Nasty burn at the end, so better skip this one altogether.


Posted over 2 years ago by Brad from United States with 27 ratings

My local store finally got this in on my request. It does not disappoint! Aroma of molasses and spice with just a bit of alcohol. On the tongue it's molasses, cooking spice and smoky wood with a powerful but pleasant heat. A bit more of the smoky wood in the aftertaste than I'd like, but this is not a sipper and it's presence in tiki drinks more than makes up for that shortcoming.

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Posted almost 3 years ago by 5xo (PREMIUM) from Slovakia with 264 ratings

Only for mixing. The flavor is raisins. Adding water makes it drinkable, yet somehow diluted, so it is suited only for drinks as a flavor component.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Rob Pettigrew from Canada with 22 ratings

I get the hints of toffee and molasses, but mostly this is a mixer for my tiki drinks. I also used this as the base for my homemade allspice dram, which made my Three Dots and a Dash my signature tiki drink!

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Cory Wid from United States with 87 ratings

Big and rich, with gunpowder like quality. Essential for many a tiki drink, especially when making the classic (original) Zombie. This is powerful rum, and with great flavor of molasses / toffee. If you desire for your bar to be tiki-style, you need this rum almost by default, lest Mr. Donn Beach turns in his grave when you make a zombie... Spookie :P


Posted almost 3 years ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

One of the ‘must have’ rums to keep on hand. Very similar to Hamilton which is also excellent. Side by side though the Lemon Heart has a bit more depth in it’s complexity.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 400 ratings

I have not had this legendary staple to making Tiki drinks for more than 25 years now. I finally found a bottle this morning. Since I have been spoiled by Plantation OFTD Overproof, I had to compare that one to this new arrival here. I poured about a half ounce each into their own Glencairn glass, which is how I like to test neat for side by side comparisons. The slightly weaker OFTD had so much burn that I had forgotten about that part. ALWAYS add at least one ice cube when comparing overproof rums.

The Lemon Hart 151 is noticeably darker than the Plantation OFTD, but not by much. After the ice cube melted in each, my test began. The OFTD was fruity with no bitter after taste. The Lemon Hart was not nearly as flavorful as the OFTD and had a bitter after taste. The OFTD was the clear winner, which I rated long ago as an 8. This one was lucky to get a 6. I would not buy it again even though it is now readily available. The Lemon Hart also warns that it is flammable, but the OFTD is not.

So what will I use this bottle of Lemon Hart 151 for? Adding to morning coffee sure beats wasting it as a Tiki Topper that it was designed for. Yes, it makes for an authentic Mai Tai, but why bother ruining an already perfect combination of a drink.