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Angostura single barrel reserve rum

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An archetypical expression of the style of rums produced by Angostura in Trinidad, the Single Barrel Reserve limited edition rum is hand-drawn and aged in a single select Bourbon oak cask for a minimum of 5 years.

Angostura blends medium and heavy aged rums from their state-of-the-art five column still to create this exclusive blend, available only in Trinidad. A limited number of batches of this deep mahogany colored rum are produced each year for premium rum enthusiasts.

On the nose, Single Barrel leads with light wooden notes and creamy vanilla, leading to hints of chocolate, molasses, macchiato and baking spices. The palate begins with warm honey, dried tropical fruits, toffee and caramel, leading to chocolate, roasted almond and coffee flavors. The long warm finish suggests a fine maturation process.

A good dark sipper. A little heavy in the alcohol and vanilla department but nonetheless tasty. Mellows nicely over an ice cube or two.

I've fallen for this dark sipping rum. Thick and slightly sweet, it leads with vanilla followed by dark cherry, chocolate and mild spice flavors. It leans on the side of smooth without getting cloying. Very nice on the rocks.

Smooth fruit flavoured think bodied and for pairing cigar a medium h upmann

Tasty & Spicy a Little bit zu strong. I'll prefer the 1787 more.

Fin rom som jeg kan anbefale at man prøver både ren og med is

Lækker Rom som jeg varmt vil anbefale, kan drikkes med cola og ren med isterning

My son has been working in Trinidad and brings me me a couple of bottles back on each trip. This is a nice sipping rum over ice.

This is a surprisingly good rum for the price. Good with a splash of soda and my go to choice at fetes in Trinidad.

You can never go wrong with the any of the rims from the Angostura family. The Single Barrel reserve tastes like a rum that was aged much longer than 5 years. Great hints of molasses, coffee beans, and vanilla. Extremely smooth and sweet. This is a complex rum that is not very expensive.

This rum is a great rum for what you pay if given to a rum or even scotch drinker as a gift they would not be disappointed.

Great for sipping. Pairs well with a medium body cigar.

Big flavors here and decently smooth. Pretty cheap to boot.