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Cruzan Single Barrel rum

Cruzan Single Barrel

Virgin Islands, U.S. | Aged

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum begins as an assortment of aged rums, distilled in column stills and ranging in vintage up to 12 years. After blending, the rum rests in a new oak barrel for an additional year before bottling. Each bottle of Cruzan Single Barrel rum is poured from only one barrel, which may increase color variance from batch to batch.

Cruzan Single Barrel rum is produced by the Nelthropp Family in St. Croix. The name ""Cruzan"" is derived from island's native population - the “Crucians."

7.0/10 (125 ratings)
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125 Cruzan Single Barrel ratings

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Bob from United States with 72 ratings

Very good for the price, nice vanilla, molasses, and oak flavors. Smokey spicy sweet in all the right ways I really like this. Update: I just tried this again and I'm very impressed. I had it side by side with MGXO and I like it just as much, it's noticeably sweeter and has more spice/funky like flavors than the former. For the cost of just $26.00 US it's exceptional, and really hard to beat for a "no sugar added" rum. I can't recommend it enough.Update 2: its sweeter and fruitier than any Bajan rum I've had lately, it gives that dry unsugared taste that I like but still satisfies the sweet craving that a rum like Doorly's sometimes can't. While I continue sipping it I realize it has all the delicious flavors of DonQ Anejo but in a way that is 3X as bold. The smoke, the fruit, the caramel, and the vanilla are all there. Delicious.
Update 3 10/2019- it's either not as good as it used to be or I cant enjoy anything not made by Foursquare now. Better straight than on the rocks. Feels kinda young and slightly bitter. Update: 4/2020- found an older bottle with black label and its really sweet and delicious.


Posted 11 months ago by Alabamacoffeebean from United States with 1 rating

The rum is sweet with a woody, nutty, and caramelly aroma. I’m not sure how to label the nuttiness? Hazelnut?

Without ice, the rum is woody, caramelly, and slightly sweet, but the sweetness isn’t overbearing. It’s slightly harsh with a bit of a burn to it, but it’s not overtly so or offputting, imo

A single small cube of ice from my freezer toned down the harshness as it melted. The sweetness seems to move to the forefront, and a caramel-like flavor becomes more prominent.

I think it’s a really good rum, and it’s one I’d like to keep around


Posted 12 months ago by Hanreb1 from United States with 9 ratings

Adequate for cocktailS but not special. Good price but there are much better sipping rums.


Posted 1 year ago by Loriluvsdisney from United States with 3 ratings

Very good rum that used to be a good sipping one for me but I’ve found better lately. Great as a rum Manhattan!


Posted 1 year ago by Reiwa from Japan with 142 ratings

I like this. It has rich body and natural sweetness. coverd by buttery flavor.
Very close to Barbados rums.


Posted over 1 year ago by Amalas from United States with 65 ratings

Smooth, medium flavor, bolder spice, full body, caramel and vanilla notes


Posted over 1 year ago by Tikiducks from United States with 54 ratings

This is a rum I will drink again. It has floral and grassy notes.


Posted over 1 year ago by Hector from United States with 35 ratings

This is a good entry level sipping Rum. Smooth warm, An honest brand
Nice aroma with notes of vanilla with a simple and uncomplicated flavour.


Posted over 1 year ago by Engwild from United States with 153 ratings

Got up on it's soap box and declared something was great.


Posted over 1 year ago by ColoRobO from United States with 4 ratings

After trying this out a few ways - neat, rocks, aired out - I can’t say there’s much that makes me want to come back. Not smooth or complex enough for my sipping preference, but good with cola. There’s others at this price point I prefer to keep around - I like just a little more sweetness on the tongue, but this leaves a lingering oak and astringency that feels like a younger rum.


Posted over 1 year ago by SickBoy82 from United States with 23 ratings

With the ever growing popularity of Bourbon among a great number of imbibers I'm surprised how overlooked this rum is in the eyes of many within the bar/spirits/collector circles. For half the price of a 750ml bottle of Blantons single barrel Bourbon you can get an equal amount of another great American product of similar taste and refinement in this single barrel offering from Cruzan which is distilled in the USVI & aged in American white oak barrels that previously had held Bourbon. Now other bottles, other than the one I purchased, may not have the same familiar caramel/vanilla/oak + Bourbon flavor meld as mine did as it comes from another barrel. Yet, I'd wager the difference is negligible.