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Cruzan Single Barrel rum

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum begins as an assortment of aged rums, distilled in column stills and ranging in vintage up to 12 years. After blending, the rum rests in a new oak barrel for an additional year before bottling. Each bottle of Cruzan Single Barrel rum is poured from only one barrel, which may increase color variance from batch to batch.

Cruzan Single Barrel rum is produced by the Nelthropp Family in St. Croix. The name ""Cruzan"" is derived from island's native population - the “Crucians."

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119 Cruzan Single Barrel ratings

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Posted over 7 years ago by Todd Dunn from United States with 45 ratings

A good straight up rum at a good price.

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Posted over 7 years ago by Bruce Jones from United States with 17 ratings

Pretty good

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Posted over 7 years ago by RumSteve from United States with 15 ratings

My go-to rum back in the days. I like the older bottle design much better. This rum is great in flavor. Over-priced for the rums in this price category.

Produced from a blend of vintage rums which have been aged up to 12 years ( not entirely single barrel ;))

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Posted over 7 years ago by MMihran from Canada with 27 ratings

Decent rum

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Posted over 7 years ago by Don Tucker from United States with 194 ratings

A nice sipping rum that is easily available in the PA stores. A nice change of pace to have.

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Posted over 7 years ago by Scott T from United States with 120 ratings

From the label on back:

Truly the Cruzan flagship. Cruzan Single Barrel Rum is a medium-to-full-bodied blend of vintage rums aged from 5 to 12 years—then aged in “new” oak casks for approximately one additional year—and sold in individually numbered bottles.

A true single barrel liquor comes from one barrel that has been aged the entire time, not a blend that has been aged one year - but then rum in general is pretty fast and loose with labelling.

Not a bad rum but nothing outstanding, decent flavor but too much wood for my preference. From what I have heard, not in the same class as the "Estate Diamond" it replaced. Yet another victim of Fortune Brands' takeover.

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Posted over 7 years ago by Sly from Canada with 44 ratings

Like this bottle

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Posted over 7 years ago by Yablo Dratch from United States with 26 ratings

Maybe a tad overpriced, but a fantastic sipping rum.

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Posted almost 8 years ago by kilderkin from United Kingdom with 22 ratings

Often find single barrel rums to be a bit one dimensional, but this one is very well balanced and a great price.