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Cruzan Gold rum

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77 Cruzan Gold ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Jamie Hicks from Canada with 32 ratings

For an entry level, opening price point this is a quality rum. Just sweet enough, mellow easy. It's a lot of rum at a reasonable price.

Posted 11 months ago by dd639 from United States with 3 ratings

OK, first the price - can't be beat. This is the best rum for the money and I'd take it over many more expensive rums. That said, it's not going to wow you with flavor, but it's not too sweet (which is my preference) and it is smoother than most for drinking on the rocks. Since Myers was my default rum, this has definitely replaced it!

Posted about 2 years ago by Doug from Canada with 20 ratings

This rum is light in body and in taste. Like drinking straight alcohol. Needs to be heavily mixed to be tolerable.

Posted over 2 years ago by Kevin from United States with 19 ratings

Typical rack liquor in the USVI. It gets a 7 because it not only taste better than Bacardi but its cheaper. The go to mixer is the best I can $ay.

Posted over 3 years ago by Cory Wid from United States with 80 ratings

Its fairly mellow, working great in mixed drinks. There is a nice sweet finish of molasses and vanilla. Also used this in an aged eggnog recipe with gosling's rum (as well as with whiskey and cognac) and the final product was superb.

Posted over 3 years ago by Nathan from Canada with 8 ratings

Smooth body and finish for the price would definently buy again .. good for mixing too .

Posted about 5 years ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

Not sure why to choose the white over this rum at the same price. Much better for classic mixing drinks. Holds up slightly higher in sipping also.

Posted over 6 years ago by Tikihead from United States with 23 ratings

Cruzan Gold is my favorite all around rum, mainly for mixing. Smooth, flavorful, and nice aroma, without braking the bank. I have paid between $13 and $16 per 750 or liter, depending where I buy it. I make Mai Tais with Cruzan Gold and Coruba dark (see my review of Coruba). Not enough flavor, in my opinion, for sipping, as I like the darker rums for that, but not bad in a pinch, especially with an ice cube to mellow out the bite. Awesome with cola. It gets an 7 for being the best I've found so far in it's price range.

Posted about 1 month ago by Andrewofcalgary from Canada with 31 ratings

This mellow yellow is smooth. Not high in flavour but a good mixing rum that beats bacardi.

Posted 5 months ago by YohoYoho from United States with 6 ratings

Had this many times over the years, maybe not a great straight sipper, but always works well in cocktails! And you CAN sip it, it’s decent no matter what you use it for.

Posted 6 months ago by Nisan Jaffee from Israel with 14 ratings

You can't go wrong with Cruzan Gold for Planters Punch, daiquiris, etc. Every Cruzan straight rum ( I haven't tried the flavored ones) is a good choice. Consistently good quality. The world would be a better place if Cruzan overtook Bacardi as the most common rum available. They really need to work on their marketing.

Posted 7 months ago by desdamonas_rocketship from United States with 3 ratings

This isn't really the greatest for aged rums but it works in a pinch. Kind of like the Budweiser of Beers it is very common and overhyped. On the rocks with a splash of coke and limes it makes a decent Cuba Libre. Give this to your friends on the rocks if you dare.

Posted 10 months ago by Jason Berman from United States with 44 ratings

It’s cheap, easy to find, comes in a large bottle, and doesn’t taste like crap. It’s the perfect rum for a rum n’ coke.

Posted 11 months ago by KYRumRunner from United States with 5 ratings

Good budget mixer. Slightly sweet, and drinkable.

Posted 11 months ago by BlackP2 from United States with 12 ratings

Unfortunately I never tried this brand before they were bought by Beam Suntory. I have heard that it was better befoe the sale. At any rate not terrible as a mixer but not for sipping. My biggest complaint is the vanilla extract flavor. But if your going to a party were you just need to bring something not a bad choice. Be sure to bring the Coke as well.

Posted about 1 year ago by Raphael from United States with 15 ratings

This rum has a rummy, smooth flavor. It has some vanilla notes from the oak. It does taste pretty sweet, but in a good way.

Posted about 1 year ago by Mdormer from United States with 4 ratings

Pretty good, smooth and polite drinker. Vanilla hints made this a surprisingly good rum.

Posted about 1 year ago by SickBoy82 from United States with 23 ratings

For many years I've held the opinion that this bottling is ideal as a bar's standard gold/aged rum. Nothing special, just an American rum that is and inexpensive & decent.

Posted about 1 year ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

Get the 1.75 for $18 when your mixing on a budget. Gold virgin island rums are pretty sparse but called out for classic tiki drinks such as Nui Nui, Penang Afrididi, Vicious Virgin, Port Au Prince.
Preferably use Cruzan’s Diamond or Single Barrel but this will suffice for a party or when you’ve already dulled your senses. As always fresh fruits go a long way in bumping up the cocktail.

Posted over 1 year ago by johnrullan from Puerto Rico with 21 ratings

fruity rum, enjoyed it with guavaberry juice outdoors during summertime in USVIs.
Difficult to have just one as it blends in with calypso snd tripicak setting very well

Posted over 1 year ago by Davedavey from United States with 6 ratings

Sure has a lot less burn then Bacardi. This is a great sipping rum. Great on ice or straight.

Posted over 1 year ago by Davejohn from Canada with 31 ratings

Despite "AGED RUM" being so dominant on the label, this is only a 2-year old rum.
When you allow for this and factor in the very reasonable price this is very much a case of getting what you paid for, if not a little bit more.
The nose is subdued and not complex.
The rum is actually more smooth than expected for only a 2-year old.
The mouth feel is neither good nor bad and there is not much for lingering taste.
Drinkable on its own, however likely better suited as a mixer for most.
Certainly worthy of being included in the liquor cabinet for mixed drinks.

Posted over 1 year ago by Pascal from Canada with 181 ratings

Rhum a petit prix 10$ us, meilleur que le bacardi. Excellent pour mélanger dans un rhum and coke. Goute beaucoup l'alcool, rien de complexe. Il faut mieux miser sur le Cruzan single barrel.

Posted over 1 year ago by Jagsroy (PREMIUM) from Canada with 153 ratings

Purchased a bottle of Cruzan Gold Rum not expecting much from this 2 year old rum. I must say that it is much better than other similar low priced rum (Bacardi & Captain Morgan) but I would not consider this a sipping rum. Still, not bad for the price.

Update: Tried this rum again the next day and the taste is growing on me. This rum is dry and quite enjoyable on its own. Not a premium rum but tasty enough to keep a supply in my liquor cabinet.