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Medium cruzan black strap rum

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Not really a fan of the Cruzan brand but was curious about the Black Strap Rum. Don't laugh but when I smelled the rum after opening it I was reminded of good pancake syrup. That was a promising sign. Tasting it was interesting. Hits the tongue rather hard but fades nicely with a lingering sweetness that reminded me of a good pancake syrup. Definitely a molasses flavor but not overpowering. I could see this being sipped straight but best used in a cola where the sweetness is accentuated. No objectionable aftertaste. But does leave some odd flavors on the tongue. Now I need to try it with some ginger beers for a Dark & Stormy. I tried it in Coke Zero and was not pleased with how it turned out. This might be good in various rum punches and mai tai's. I believe it would be best suited in baking.

UPDATE: I wrote my initial review/opinion almost 2 years ago. I recently picked up another bottle for a second chance and discovered improvements in this rum as opposed to the older version. I still have the older bottle for comparison and there is a distinct improvement in aroma, appearance and flavor. The aroma in the newer bottle is quite good and no longer reminds of me of pancake syrup. Swirling it around my snifter reveals excellent legs. It is the darkest rum I have sampled. A dark chocolate hue. The flavor reveals the distinctive blackstrap molasses flavor and has a nice finish. Maybe I had a bad batch bottle initially or perhaps they improved their formula. Either way it's worth a 3-point increase in my rating. Definitely a good mixer but also a nice after-dinner dessert sipper.

Honestly, I've only had this in a Dark & Stormy. It smells the point where some of my friends believe they should make a cologne out of it. Sheesh, it's hard to say that a black strap rum is smooth, but this one is. We tend to forget about the Cruzan brand, but it offers a solid collection of rums which are the "house" liquor in my home; meaning this is what I serve to guest. Of Cruzan brands, Cruzan Black Strap is unforgettable.

If you're looking to drink a Dark & Stormy and you're tired of hearing "Goslings, Goslings", pick up a bottle of Cruzan and enjoy some of those vanilla notes among the ginger beer. Or, even better, pick up a bottle of Kraken for a new kind of Dark & Stormy.

It's a sweet maple molasses flavored rum with limited usage. I am a fan of Spanish coffee and I decided to try it with Blackstrap instead of brandy and it was delicious. A good desert coffee or treat. I consider this a desert rum altogether. That being said - I don't compare this with other dark rums as the flavors are apples to oranges.

This rum will always have a home on my liquor shelf as its interesting and it changed my coffee drinks. I like it, don't love it.

Good rum for mixing smell a lot of molasses in this one plus is a very good value.

This is by far my favorite rum!! I have a sweet tooth and you can't beat this rum in sweetness.

The most fun you can have with molasses! Buy a bottle, grab some ginger ale and share with your friends. You can't drink this stuff without smiling! Be generous, your pals will appreciate the opportunity to taste such a unique rum!

I enjoy this rum with strong hints of vanilla, toasted marshmallow, molasses and nutmeg. I have not tried this rum mixed with soda or juice, as I enjoy sipping this neat. A slight burn going down to let you know your drinking rum, however combined with the right spice nuances, this rum should be a house rum to anyone who enjoys a fine rum.

Great substitute for myers or goslings black seal in a mixed drink for a different flavor

This is a delicious rum heavy with molasses. Many people are put off by it on first taste. But give it a second try and you'll be hooked. Great for the price.

enjoy the flavors of molasses and maple but not cloyingly sweet. A staple in the cabinet and the price is fantastic too.

I like this strait up or in mix drinks. .have bought this for friends and they like it also

My first try of this one. There is no way I'd mix it with anything sweet (Coke, ginger ale, etc) as it's very sweet itself. Very strong molasses flavor, it's a smooth rum - I decided to cut that heavy flavor with a bit of seltzer & enjoyed it very much.

This stuff is massively underrated. I love keeping this stuff around in the winter time.. It has an amazing molasses flavor and it just makes you feel warm and cozy.

This stuff is cloyingly sweet. Reminded me of the maple syrup chug from Super Troopers. We bought this one night at a good price thinking it would be a normal dark rum and could barely drink it. We went straight back out and bought a better bottle. I saved the rum thinking it could be used down the road in a unique mixed drink in lieu of a syrup. It isn't a bad rum, per se, just very sweet and very different. I would give it a lower score but it doesn't seem fair- feels like I'm rating grapefruits in an apple competition.

Forget Dark & Stormy for a moment. You really must try a Corn 'n' Oil cocktail, which is pretty spectacular, and for that you need black strap rum. Molasses heaven.

As a fan of Cruzan rums, I decided to give this a try. At first sniff, the aroma of Boston brown bread came to mind. It has a stronger molasses flavor than most other rums but I also noticed hints of anise and vanilla giving this a fairly complex flavor, but it has a bit of a burn. With that said, I like this rum for a change and enjoyed it most on the rocks during my intial four-step tasting. I plan to explore mixers with this too. At about $16 US for a liter in Ohio, I think it's a good buy if this style appeals. I can think of other more expensive dark rums that I don't like as much as this.

this rum is very dark, so i use it sparingly in drinks as it can overpower other flavors. But, its strong flavor is perfect for use in desserts or a flavoring. Also works as a base for homemade vanilla.

Blackstrap is definitely an a acquired taste if you want to use as more than a topping to mixed drinks. When you finally want to step up and be counted, this is a great partner to have in your cabinet! The flavors roll across your tongue and linger for minutes as they shift from molasses to smoke and leather. It takes fortitude and an appreciation for strong flavors to truly enjoy any blackstrap. But this is the best of the bunch!!!

Enjoyed a bottle of Cruzan Black Strap Rum. Very nice bottle and label design. Dark golden color. Oak and pure alcohol to your nose and palate. Strong burn at the end being so dry. Whisky lovers can add 2 points to my score.


much better value than Kraken
Darn good value for $20 here in VA . As I expected, semi-rich bodied, with smokey notes of oak, and molasses. I enjoyed it neat or in a dark & stormy.

Rum is my drink of choice and I love nothing better than Black Strap with my homemade ginger beer. The richness and darkness of the molasses creates a tasty and fragrant drink that’s unforgettable. Sip it or mix it, it will help you forget the mean woman you married. Incidentally I keep ingredients chilled and never add ice. I hate watery drinks.

It's a dark thick rich liquor with plenty of sweetness and butterscotch, however it is overwhelming and not for more then a couple drinks.

Deep, dark chocolate flavours littered throughout. Almost like a chilled espresso hot chocolate. Incredibly smooth. Lacks the intensity of other blackstraps. My favourite I've encountered thus far.

Smells like brown sugar
Taste - dark, rich and deep, molasses, cloves.

If I use this in a Jet Pilot, it tastes like a black cherry drink, love it. It will dominate a mixed drink. I could sip this neat.

This one was on sale and I've never tried a black rum before. The taste was pretty much what I expected, a definite molasses taste. I like my rum on the rocks and the molasses taste is pretty watery by the bottom of the glass, but overall a pleasant flavor and pretty smooth. I strongly prefer straight run to flavored or spiced, but this was a pleasant surprise. I'd buy it again