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Medium cruzan banana rum

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I don't know much about alcohol. I had one shot of this at a Carribean airport and it was yummy.

Hey if you are looking for a Banana Rum it works. I use it in Pina Coladas, or as an adder to a rum drink.

Single use. Makes a great rum punch. Not uses for anything else.

Cruzan Banana has nothing to do with aged rums. It is just a sugar overload liquor masked as a Caribbean rum to tourists. The banana flavor is artificial as a neat sipper, but it could easily be used as a good extra ingredient for your tropical mixed drink.

Not my favorite but very affordable for mixing with juices. Save your money if you are looking for quality mixers.

Awesome for rum punch. Cruzan has so many good flavors that make them easy to mix.

I actually really like the Cruzan flavored rums. The only gripe I have with them is they are 42 proof, ideally I would like that 80 proof but o well. They are good rums, no bite no burn just the rum and banana flavor with sugar. Simple but if you want to mix I cannot recommend anything better especially for like 12$ a bottle! What bugs me about them however is how much sugar they contain. If you open the bottle and poor some and then open it again at a later day there will be sugar crystals where you poured from. I mean who drinks for health anyway, but the main thing im going on about is I don't like "filler" im my rum. Give me rum till I float. Not sugar.

I like Cruzan rums. This one is only average though. It is hard to find a good tasting banana flavored anything. It is respectable for banana.

its a typical mix drink rum nothing to fancy good for vodoo juice

I think I have tried all the cruzan flavored rums and this one is my second favorite. Only mango is better.

Tastes like someone dissolved some banana skittles pieces in some cheap rum. I can't really recommend a better one because I have yet to taste one that was decent.

Not much to say about this rum, but its cheap and mixes with fruit juices well.

This is always in the cabinet, very seldom in a glass. I use it as a topping for ice cream and fruit salads. If you are into sweet liqueurs this may be interesting but not satisfying.

Even a 1/4 shot of this stuff can be too much.

I actually had to buy this bottle in the Duty Free in Aruba. I have yet to find it in the PA stores, although they carry many other Cruzan flavoreds. I use them whenever a rum recipe calls for a banana liqeuer. If some rum is good, then more is better.