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STRONG and ALCOHOLIC. Nearly impossible to drink neat. My first sip neat stung my lips and tongue and left my mouth almost numb.
Tasting with a bit of water really opens up this rum. It has a silky and smooth mouthfeel, it's pretty rich but not overly sweet. Almost has some soft floral elemeents going on. Honestly though this is meant for mixing in cocktails and it does really ell there. If you want to sip on it i recommend a bit of lime juice and a few ice cubes. Overall, I'd buy this if you see it just to try it out but I don't see myself going back for another.

The name says it all: overproof. This is quite some throat burner. The tatse is very good: sweet enough, taste of molasses, like a rum should be. The first sip right after it's in the glass was not that bad of a burn. But when I left it for some minutes and took a sip again it was like fire. All and all it's good, but more for mixing because of the strong burn.

73% ABV. Very strong nose. Highly astringent. Hard to pick out any distinct flavors—it mostly burns the nostrils. More approachable palate. Still very astringent, but no rubbing alcohol smell. Quite a bit of wood and some charcoal. With some water, my brain says OFTD, even though I know they actually share nothing in common. Caramel. Just a hint of sweetness. A good ringer for Lemon Hart. Highly recommended.


Plantation Original Dark Overproof is pure glue from the smell test into super strong glue to the taste test. I was tempted of giving it a score if 1, but there's easily 25 rums which are worst than this, so it earns a 2.

Definately best for cocktails, but still sippable when diluted

Drink rum. Har inte provat den än..................

This is a strong rum but very enjoyable. Quite smooth and sweet with slight banana taste. I take it with a little mixer, the wife really enjoys it in the evening in a cup of green lemon tea, medicinal purposes she says. This is now her favourite rum, also mine but in small measures.

Ikke smagt. .

Worth trying, but due to the high percentage of alcohol what you sense the most is heat (alcohol burn).

Flavour is synthetic. Taste is dominated by alcohol. Good for hot drinks

Je m'attendais à un rhum brûlant, jeune et herbeux, avec peut-être des rajouts de caramel.
Et bien pas du tout.

Ce rhum est un assemblage de rhums de Trinidad entre 2 et 6 ans, vieilli sur l'île et uniquement en fûts de bourbon. Pas de rajout de caramel, très fruité, authentique, ultra aromatique sans être brulant. Il se boit pur.
Magnifique rhum pour son age.

Doet mij denken aan stroh rum ...........................

I know this isn´t the best taste there is.. But we talk about a cheap shelfrum here.. Great for building drinks.. I like to drink mine straight up.. The trick is to take a small sip, (We talk drops here).. Hold it in your closed mouth until it boils.. You will feel what i am talking about.. Then you just open your mouth and all the tastes are there.. It´s more an inhaling rum then sippingrum.. The taste is like the original, Just more of it..