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8 Bacardi Casa Special Reserve ratings

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Absolutely amazing. Oak aged, then aged in a Sherry cask. Exceptionally smooth.
This can only be purchased at the Casa Bacardi distillery in Puerto Rico. It is $160 for the bottle and the experience. Custom engraved then YOU hand-bottle it (along with a generous number of samples), sign the card, and mark it in their guestbook. I'd highly recommend doing the rum tasting tour beforehand.

I have pursued fine rum for many years...the special rums which beg to be sipped neat as they are too fine to mix with anything. Recently my brother's wife visited her family in Puerto Rico, discovered the Casa Reserve and sent a bottle home to California. I had the pleasure of sampling it a few weeks ago with my brother, and there is a new is a new gold standard for rum in the world! It is of course silky smooth, but that is only the beginning. The nose is immediate and surprising, reminiscent of a fine cognac in complexity. The nutty, vanilla and mellow spice finishes off the experience. Enough's simply the best.
I have already left a down payment with my sister-in-law for her next trip to Bacardi in Puerto Rico!

The aroma and color gives a golden sheen. The taste is smooth and it stays on you tongue long after you drink it. Excellent Rum.

This is an amazing blend. It has a cognac like nose, it definitely is rum, but the sherry comes through. This is a sipper and this is an impresses. Not typical, but complex enough to make it a top rate rum. I did the Bacardi rum tasting. I was impressed with how Bacardi took steps forward to almost bourbonize their rums. Well this is only at the factory and I wish I got more than one bottle.

This Rum can only be purchased at the Bacardi factory and is well worth its price tag a definite must have for your collection smells amazing extremely smooth with a light burn at the finish

I'm actually a reader for years on I registered this account just because someone rated this rum 6. I have to stand out for this rum to average up the score. This is absolutely the best rum I have ever had. And to me, it's way better than any others. The base aged oak note is so wonderful that it stays in month truly long. It's so regretful that I bought only two bottles. The factory is the only place you can get it. Will definitely grab more if going there again.

Tried the Bacardi Casa Special Reserva rum at the Bacardi distillery in San Juan last year and it's much closer to a cheap cognac than a flavorful aged rum. It is very dry and has a surprisingly strong burn at the end. Not worth the money they are trying to fool the tourists to pay for it.

Para empezar es tremenda experiencia poder llenar tu propia botella , con un certificado de la Bacardí con un número de serie de la misma , El ron tiene un aroma fabuloso,vainilla, pasas ,jerez ,es seco bien equilibrado un final intenso, sólo puede ser conseguido en la Bacardí en Puerto Rico por $150.00 dolares