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It truly is a surprise how close the 15 and the 12 year Botran are flavor profilewise. Neither is really a neat sipper since the alcohol smell and taste is rather strong and the burn at the end is not a nice surprise. Mix it with Coke and you will have a glimmer of hope.

Sampled the Botran Reserva 15 yr rum and detected a slight smell and taste of caramel and vanilla. As far as I know this rum has very little, if any, added sugar therefore the sweetness comes from a natural process. The rum, however, is not complex as one would expect from a Solera 15 years. Overall I enjoyed sipping on this rum but it did not WOW me in the least.


This one is a sneaky bastard.
The nose is not that amazing and the palet seems dull because of that. Then, when you keep drinking, the nose still stay's ordinary, but you start getting a good taste now in your mouth and you will find out that it's not that dull as you thought. The taste is quite nice and the you will keep drinking and will have a glass to many before you notice it...

Une rondeur agréable mais il manque d'arome. Trop plat.

Byl mi doporučen barmanem a rozhodně nezklamal, výborný rum, vyšší cena odpovídá kvalitě.

Nice rum with vanila and spices aromas
Round and easy drinking


Despite the promising declaration of 15 years. which might make expectations of this one to rise. need to remember it is Solera 15 years which means that it contains 15 year aged rums to some of it's part but i would assume that the real average and thus also the experience is somewhat equal to fully 7-8 year old Rums. Remembering this and considering the price asked which is more or less what a 7-8 year old aged Rum costs. it should be judged as such. i understand those who got disappointed due to the expectations of a 15 year older.
On the Nose: Dim, Hard to find Traces of developed unique Aromas, Etheric, Sugar.
On the Tongue: Sharp first encounter. Harsh strike of young Alcohols. after getting used a whole rainbow of Sweets and Candies is revealed including hints of Licorice! however be warned that it needs patience to allow it to breathe air. it is Tasty. not too sweet, Dry in the Sense of Appleton.
On the Throat: First Harsh Finish, needs to get used to, becomes nicer from the third sip and on. Dry and Medium in Length.
This is my impression after Two Evenings with it. Deserves the 7/10. It is decent. and though i didn't expect it to be fully matured for 15 years. however i would expect bit more subtle result. it is a Sipper but it makes me afraid to try my luck with it's younger brothers such as the 12 and Anejo 8 as sippers. final words: Decent sipper but Solera result not Balanced enough.

Un rhum avec un nez fort plaisant, qui présente en bouche des noté boisé mais reste rond (voir quelques touche de caramel)

not what I did expect. Promising nose, flowers, fruits.
but on the palate id is not much to say. As many others, but fo rhtis price it is ok.
Nice sipping rum

Not a special taste, a bit steep, worth just trying.

Pro někoho možná nudný, já v něm vidím opravdový rum. První doušek lehoulinká nakyslost, pak jen minimální sladkost a pak za pomocí koření dlouhé balancování do sudového dozvuku a zase lehce po sherry. Neschovává se za sladkost která u většiny rumů kryje pachutě z přehnaného mixování vůně a chutí. Kořením připomíná El Dorado 12, suchostí Doorlys XO. Rozhodně jemnější než Zacapa 23 a proto mi chutná víc. 8.5b za pořizovačku do 700kč přidávám na 9b.

Nedoporučuju těm co hledají sirupy :-)

Notes of the oak barrels, candied fruit flavors and spices. Reminds a lot about zacapa 21

Rum se zajímavou vůni a příjemnou vanilkovou příchutí

Well balanced, not so sweet, decent burn. Still worse than botran reserva.

I had this one on some special occasion so it is a bit special for me. I think it is better than it really is :)

not a bad rum and not a bad price. hints of coffee and caramel.

Un peu alcool mais avec de la glace s'équilibre très bien. Belles saveurs, épices, bananes etc

Vůně i chuť nevýrazná. Zvláštní plný pálivý pocit na konci.

Assez ruff comme première sensation, au contact de l'air il s'arrondit avec des arômes de vanille

Minimum sweetness (caramel maybe in the end), medium paterns of spices (probably vanilla). Decent but for 15year old I expected more complex flavor.

The rhum is ok. At the looks, it has a good deep color. At the smell, faint notes of caramel but not excessive. At the taste, round and flat. It lacks that desirable finish that we would expect from a good rhum. Not sweet or smokey, simply flat and round.

Not too pricy and tasty with some complexity and interesting flavors.

15 years of greatness. Great taste very Smooth. Definitely doesn’t need to be mixed.

Jeg er enig i anden anmeldelse her på siden, at denne rom godt kunne smage som en light udgave af zacapa. Jeg smagte begge to på samme tid og synes, at mange af smagsnuancerne er ens. Duft af vanilie og smag vanilie og lidt karamel. Dog er botran noget mere sprittet, hvilket trækker ned. Den kan ofte fås på tilbud til omkring 200 kr., og det gør den til et godt køb til prisen.

Good color and body. Has a bit of Carmel on the finish. Nose has a bit to be desired. Minimal sweetness but it is smooth. Probably better for a rum and coke than on the rocks.