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very fresh and easy to drink, really nice but not your typical rum. Could work very well in a range of cocktails... great with ginger ale!

Wow. I realy dont expect so big surrprise. Of fresh taste of this rum. Very fresh and fruity taste. Realy recommend to drink with ice rock. No alcoholic taste. Fresh flavour. Recommended!!

First rum to score higher than 8 for me. Definitelly cannot compare with aged rums, but in spiced section this is clearly a winner. Its name matches the purpose as if I only ever had house on the beach, this would be the only thing I would drink for the rest of my life. Drink only on rocks!

Pro me skvelej partak vedle Don Papa, jen vyrazne svezejsi a ovocnejsi. Velmi chutny a osvezujici rum...s vyraznou vuni kandovaneho ovoce.

Vo voni velmi vyrazne citit citrusy, hlavne pomarance, trochu vanilku. Chut velmi presladena a popravde nie velmi prijemna... Vhodne do miesanych drinkov.

v obchode som pytal sladsi rum a odporucili mi beach house spiced. ezisi co to je? som sa pytal sam seba ked som to otvoril a ovonal. same pomarance vo voni, ale ze ako aj s korou pomarancovou . ochutnal som a hadajte co, pomarance vsetkych druhov ma prefackali. ja snad pijem liker Cointreau. vedel som ze mauricius je macher na rozne rumove prichute ale toto je aj na mna, milovnika sladkych rumov, prilis. keby tam aspon ta pomarancova vonavka nebola citit, mozno by to bol celkom fajn rum na terasu po tazkom dni. v kokteiloch alebo s ladom je to uz ovela lepsie.

Les saveur saute dans tout les sens, vanille, agrumes, bonbon, bref un petit carnaval festif plein de légèreté

I must admit this is my first Spiced. I recognize that this is a quality one: exotic fruit, flavour, body.... but at blind taste I would't say it's a rum. At the nose it reveals more of it's origin, but as a rum lover, gone through spanish, french and English style, I am very surprised by this and a little disappointed at the first sips. Very good the flavour that remains in the mouth, looooooong persistency. I will try to prepare cocktails as other suggested below and we'll see. I'll serve it to friends to see their reaction but if you ask me today, I would'n buy again. It's good to try thos once in life.

Suprisingly fresh, fruity with orange aroma. Less sweety than I expected. Plus for the rum.

Orange zest, tangerine, ginger and white pepper - really nice, refreshing and smooth

Bottling in France. The bottle & cork are incomparable.
In the aroma over-ripe orange, clove, vanilla, ginger, sharply-sugary, alcohol.
In the taste very sweety, bitter, orange and fire. Sipping is pleasantly.
A large amount of added sugar does not affect well-being after a party.

Belle couleur, nez sur les agrumes et goût de mandarine.

Sweet and sweet amazing rum with tangerine and orange flavors.

I dont usually drink spices but i have really enjoyed this one. Fruity and fresh change good for sipping. Not a one to drink all the night tho.

Encore un bon rhum épicé un peu fort par rapport au bumbu par exemple
mais très parfumé

Jestli mě nějaký spiced rum dokázal překvapit, tak tento. Jeho síla je v nezaměnitelné chuti. Je silný, mladý a přitom tak jemný a velice příjemně kořeněný. Samotné pití je příjemným zážitkem krásná vůně uvolňovaná po malých dávkách ze sklenky to celé jen podtrhne. Můj favorit za "Spajsi" :-)

This rum has very fruity taste, smells citrus-like. It's very easy to drink and has good aftertaste. I personally however don't like taste of it. But overall it's good. Might be good with cola or mixed in drink

Notes d'agrumes et pain d'épice très présentes (nez et bouche).
Rhum très sucré ressemblant à du vin d'orange.
Notes finales assez longues et poivrées.

Love this orage - honey taste with this gingerbread end.

Very nice smell - lot of layers.
First taste sweet, honey and fruity, aftertaste long and full. Good sample for girls and womens.

Assez fan du rhum, j'aime le boire sec avec ou sans glace

Alors voilà j aime les vieux rhums sucrés et là j ai juste trouvé ce rhum immonde. J ai eu l impression de me boire un truc limite type label 5 avec un sirop d orange tesseire. Beurk

Krasna svetlo oranzova farba, korenista,citrusova no hlavne pomarancova chut. Zatial najpomarancovejsi rum. Oblubeny medzi zenami.

Very mild orange aroma and taste. This rum is sweet but it is not so critical as with Legendario Elixir.