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Ron Panama 15-Year rum

Ron Panama 15-Year

Panama | Aged

7.0/10 (11 ratings)
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11 Ron Panama 15-Year ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by etienne from Netherlands with 3 ratings

Great rum I love it. Gets better after 1 st half but anny how no less then 8.3
How on earth can you rate 6.7 averidge. Are you crazy!!!!!!

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Posted 2 months ago by Kraemer8 from Panama with 4 ratings

It's smooth never burns great with a little ice not to sweet just right ! It's a solid 8 ! no lower than that!

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Posted 7 months ago by Zane from Norway with 48 ratings

Is it me or does it smell a bit like acetone? Caramel butter taste, but bitterish. Not my sipping material. 24 rums collection with S.

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Posted 12 months ago by Trini-tallman from Trinidad and Tobago with 7 ratings

Enjoy the rum, solid taste, lots of deep flavor. Can be enjoyed over ice.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Roberto from Luxembourg with 38 ratings

Smells like rum, vanille and caramel. For me it is to much alcohol into this rum. Maybe only for me.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Kru from Denmark with 8 ratings

Nice nose and taste. Vanilla, caramel.... you know - the usual stuff. In a nice balance, but a bit harsh.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 124 ratings

Love the colour, love the aroma and it has quite a strong flavour. Not harsh over ice

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Posted over 1 year ago by 5xo from Slovakia with 256 ratings

Prune flavor on dry background, not the best but not the worst.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Daniel Lindén from Sweden with 60 ratings

Färgen är kopparfärgad. Aromen döljer det sig lite vanilj, karamell men även banan som den tidigare? Efter en tid i glaset blir doften tydligare.
Smaken är lite karamell och tyvärr lite lakrits i eftersmaken som jag inte riktigt gillar. Men den är mer komplex än de tidigare i kalendern, en av de bättre. Söt men ändå inte.

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Posted over 2 years ago by manolomocca from Germany with 7 ratings

Excellent caramel nose, great taste, not too sweet. Nothing unexpected for 140€/Liter. I like it but for this price I’d rather invest in two bottles of my no1: Foursquare Barbados 2004 Exceptional Cask Selection 11y 59% !