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Very nice on the nose with hints of vanilla. It is an excellent transition spirit for those that traditionally prefer whiskey. The Parce 8 year, aged in whiskey barrels, has a nice character to it that reminds you of sipping a good drink, straight up or on the rocks, in the company of good friends and family. Highly recommended. Love the bottle design as well.

Smooth nose with fair amount of vanilla. Opens up after at least 20min. Round mouth, a bit sweet with candied fruits and hints of bourbon. Pricy I find, and I bought in Colombia where it is produced.

Parce 8-Year is a nice transition rum for those that are used to drinking whiskey. You will not find it on their website but parce is aged in Jack Daniel's barrels. On the 8 year, this gives it a sweet candied fruit taste. There is enough of the whiskey character left in the taste to remind one of sipping on Jack.
The parce 8-Year is a great starting point for a whiskey drink just starting to explore aged rums. With parce, when they list the rum at 8 years, they mean that the youngest rum in the bottle is 8 years.

J ai adoré ce rhum, qui en vaut la peine. Il est doux, il goûte la noisette et le chêne.


Very good rum. smoky after taste. Very smooth. Definitely recommend

Certainly not a bad rum but not what I was hoping for from the price point even in Colombia.

Enjoyed a glass of Ron Parce 8 year old rum with my friend during a 5,000 mile road trip across 18 States. Bottle and label design are just okay, but nothing spectacular. Semi dark mahogany color. A little bit of oak straight to your nose and palate followed with overwhelmingly sweet notes. Mild burn at the end. Very surprisingly the 8y is much better and much more smooth than the 12y. For whisky lovers, add 2 points.


Subtle notes of banana and coca on the nose and mouthfeel- not too sweet like most Anejo rums are. Balanced flavor of fruit and leather. Very strong rep of a true 8 yr rum most likely no coloring and extra sugar added like a real rum. First time I have had a rum from Columbia. Nice!

The comments on Parce 8 year-old are love/hate with little in between and I understand why. Sampling rums with good friends, we'd tried a couple of sweeter rums before cracking open the Parce bottle. Tried it on the rocks with little time to breath first. SHOCK. I thought my friends were having some fun and had slipped me a bourbon. Look, I love a good bourbon, but not when I'm expecting rum. This was unpleasantly overpowering, although it is smooth. I could try it another night and enjoy it, but make sure your expecting something closer to Jack than Ron when you try this one.

It really tastes like whiskey, Love drink it while smoke a cigar! Perfect match

It goes down nice but it’s just too smoky for the rum I like. Tastes more like a whiskey which would make sense since it’s aged in oak barrels.

for parce 8 year is my best For every bottle of Parce sold, Parce will plant a native species tree in deforested regions of Colombia. To date, more than 30,000 trees have been planted, with 60,000 more estimated in the coming year

Parce is an ultra-premium, craft Colombian rum that welcomes you with an embrace as warm as today’s Colombia. Explore the beautiful country of Colombia, rich in history, culture and natural wonders. It is home to the friendliest people and the most beautiful landscapes and produces the best coffee, the freshest flowers and the most distinguished rums.

The Parce 12 Year shows just a slightly darker color in the glass compared to its eight-year sibling. The nose is more subtle than the Parce 8, but is ultimately more intriguing, combining vanilla and leather to invite you to sip sooner rather than later. The initial entry shows lushness and complexity not present in its younger sibling. It has a mild sweetness with faint almond and cherry notes piping up behind the leather and vanilla. The mouthfeel is pleasing with little burn on the finish

I bought this bottle on the recommendation of a local package store. Unfortunately it's not worth the $45. Overall it's smooth and not overly sweet - the way I like my rum, but there is a pungent sawdust aroma and flavor that overpowers every sip. Almost makes it hard to drink. I've been mixing what's left with Flor de Cana 12 and that has helped tone it down a bit. Won't purchase again.

It's smell pretty harsh, but it has a very light burn to it. It is rather smooth, and has that whiskey taste to it

I thought I'd try a bottle of this and the 12 year due to the 12 year's good reviews. I tried this first, and this is really good! Tastes and smells of oak, molasses, and a light hint of bourbon. I like that it's somewhat sweet, unlike many other bourbon aged rums.

My first Colombian rum, a little hot with a dry finish. The older version is better.

Oakey and one note. Much bigger fan of Don Q GRand reserve