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11 Chamarel XO 6-Year ratings

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Tried the Chamarel XO 6y and I was not expecting it to be this dry. Close comparison to a high end cognac. The bottle looks very high end, color is nice and deep, but I'm not a fan of the dry rums at all.


I had a good surprise with the VSOP, so I would expect this one to be even more elaborated... but was not the case to me. Stick to VSOP if you like slightly sweet rhum with character.

i try this and for me it not so good, i expected more taste

toto mi moc nejde. vyrazna chut whiskey a od zaciatku este preraza aj alkohol. koniec je asi z tohto rumu najzauimavejsi, relativne kratky. celkovo ale pre mna nic moc. 5,7/10

oak, vanilla, fig; smooth on the palate and easy finish. It gets a seven because it stands easily next to rums twice the price. To have this rich, smooth flavor at 6 yo is very impressive.

I Really dont like whiskey, so for me this is a No go

This felt a little harsh to start with but with a couple of ice blocks the beautiful caramel smell became apparent.

The finish is velvetly smooth but for me it is a bit more whisky like than other rums.


Sehr gehaltvoller Geschmack. Deutlicher Unterschied zum VSOP, es lohnt sich, den Aufpreis zum XO zu zahlen

The Chamarel XO is more sweet than the VSOP even if it is a little bit more higher on the alcohol. The XO is also a little bit fruity and spicy. Nice step forward between the VSOP and the XO.


This rum is sweeter than VSOP, complex with notes of vanilla from the oak finish that gives this rum aromas of red wine and cognac. Interesting one. Hope to taste the Single Barrel 2008. Rate : 7.5

I like the Colour and smell. You can definitely say it's a well balanced rum once you smell it and the sugar ratio is good. It's not too thick and easy to drink. You can feel it is slightly spicy but not too much like the the 15yo el dorado. Also it behaves slightly like a whisky or a Cognac as the making process is similar for the xo and all old rums and single barrel at Chamarel.