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Angostura 1824 rum is a blend of rums aged for at least 12 years in oak barrels. The aged rums are blended, re-casked, and upon maturity hand-drawn for bottling.

This rum is named and crafted in honor of Dr. Johann Siegart's founding of Angostura house in the city of Angostura, Venezueala in 1824. Angostura 1824 rum production is now based in Trinidad.

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Aroma: vanil, orange cedrus, honey, raisins. Strong and catchy taste. Long finish. Perfect digestive.

A nice and smooth sipper. Hint of sweetness in the aroma with honey & vanilla. Smooth taste, no alcohol burn with a little oaky spicy kick. Finish is short though. Overall a nice but a generic inoffensive rum.

Had to send off for a bottle of this quality rum, not being able to source it locally. Masters of Malt, £59/$76 delivered.
First thoughts on opening the bottle were how much it reminded me of DRE, but on tasting obviously not so sweet. The same toffee and fruit tastes and nose, a very smooth rum. On first taste, neat, i found it to be very warming and also exceptionally smooth.
Adding 1 ice cube made it even more so. Gentle burn and long after tastes, this rum is not to be mixed with anything.
IMO well worth the money.


Bought a bottle of Angostura 1824 while vacation in Trinidad a few years ago and had high expectations since Angostura is a very well known rum distiller, but the flavor profile is a complete mess and the afterburn is just awful. 1824 is only marginally better than slightly cheaper 1919, but a far cry from a proper neat sipper.

Den var god, vi havde den med på ferie til en aften Rom 🥃 den blev bare bedre og bedre. Helt klart et gen køb

If you like lightly sweet, oaky rum, this is for you. If you can find it, nab a bottle. Great with steak. Tastes are oak, molasses, a touch of sticky honey, and a coy bit of cherry at the end.

Gorgeous bottle, lovely amber colour.
As with the 1919 and similar to St Clement this has the medicinal note to it, which makes it a binary choice: you get it or you don't.

Majoring on El Dorado and Foursquare, I don't get it.

Dark, sweet and smooth. To drink neat, on ice or with a little water

Well, this one is sneaky. The 1824 feels like you're drinking a 20 proof child's version of rum. There is little aroma and even less flavor. It's as if someone has poured water into a half-full rum bottle. It doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't taste.

God rom med masser af smag. Der er masser af træ, røg og læder over den. God duft også.

Only 6.9 point. Slightly better than 1919, long way up to 1787

I find it's a light smooth oak dark flavoured you can mix this or have it neat I prefer neat

I got to know this rum during my very first tasting.

Très bon rhum. Léger et facile à boire. Caramel bois ...

My first thoughts are this is one fine rum. Having a hard time pulling out all the different aromas but it is very pleasant on the nose.
In the mouth is starts sweet but not too sweet, no burn at all and has a nice long finish.
A bit expensive but I am going to enjoy every drop of this great rum.

Very spicy, a bit of Barrel. sweet & fruity top rum.

Beautiful as a digestive. Slightly spicy (anis, wood skin). Smooth lingering finish with vegetal notes.

It's a little harsh on the nose but it's a beaut on the tongue.

I like the Angostura 1919 and prefer this one. Less vanilla, more of other things, seems more balanced. martin jeppesen comments describe quite well my feelings.

NB: I am not a specialist. It just happens that I like rum and I will not hesitate to adjust my reviews to reinforce coherence between my own ratings.

En fin rom med dejlige noter af lakrids, vanilje og andre ting

Sweet and smooth. A little bit too boozy. Not bad.

My first trip to Trinidad and, mostly, Tobago and I should be in rum heaven. I asked the bartender for his best rum recommendation and was handed a glass of 1824. I found it just slightly too thin, slightly too bitter, and slightly too oaky to meet my expectations. It's still a good rum, but just not what I had hyped myself to expeect.

Tyvärr har jag inte druckit denna. Betygsatte fel Angostura! Sorry!!!

A decent rum, but surely not the best one. It's too exotic and too different from what is called the average taste. It has a lot of burnt wood and too little of sweetness in the taste. It's far from the classical rum taste, therefore I think it will not have a great success. I do not mean it is bad. Not at all. In fact it's very good and me personally I liked it. It's only a kind of DIFFERENT RUM. Not for the average taste. As said it smells and tastes like the burnt wood. I have also discovered a smell that reminds me of tobacco. It contains only 17 mg. of sugar per liter. Not too dry at all, but not very sweet either. A kind of "half-sweet" rum. For me is it actually OK, but many people prefer the sweeter rums. I have also noticed a little of alcohol tones in the smell. Not very disturbing, but this is not very good for a rum of such age and such price. But it's not too sharp and is rather disappearing. In some words - very, very special rum. Doubtlessly worth of tasting. Worth of its price 65 euro? Hmmm, maybe it's a little overpriced. But actually not a bad price for such exotic and rare liquor. But if you ask me if I'll buy another bottle of this rum, I will answer that I am not sure about this. There are a lot of other good rums for this price and below. But it was pleasant and interesting experience to try this one.