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Angostura 1824 12-Year rum

Angostura 1824 12-Year

Trinidad and Tobago | Aged

Angostura 1824 rum is a blend of rums aged for at least 12 years in oak barrels. The aged rums are blended, re-casked, and upon maturity hand-drawn for bottling.

This rum is named and crafted in honor of Dr. Johann Siegart's founding of Angostura house in the city of Angostura, Venezueala in 1824. Angostura 1824 rum production is now based in Trinidad.

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234 Angostura 1824 12-Year ratings

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Posted over 6 years ago by Grand Master Jay from United Kingdom with 80 ratings

A smooth rum with little burn as it goes down. Nice vanilla notes - this is one to share with serious rum drinkers for them to discuss how good it is.


Posted over 6 years ago by RumRunner from United States with 37 ratings

This is a spectacular rum. It's not cheap and not for the beginner. It's a complex rum. It's not too dry but not especially sweet. Very smooth with primary tastes of molasses, rum, enough oak to detect and a hint of spice. Tobacco hints are there too. I'm sure others wild discern other flavors I may have left out. Absolutely smooth enough to drink on its own but best on the rocks. I think the scent doesn't give you a heads up how good the drink is about to be.

Beautiful packaging and a bottle the could pass as a decanter.

If you really appreciate get rums and the money isn't a problem, treat yourself!


Posted over 6 years ago by Kenneth from Puerto Rico with 17 ratings

First taste was a bit HARSH, but then it mellowed out very nice. Molasses and vanilla flavors are present, but it has a predominant oak barrel to it.... Very complex...


Posted over 6 years ago by Chris from Canada with 21 ratings

awesome sipper and cigar time rum. Very much enjoy this


Posted over 6 years ago by ManFly from Sweden with 19 ratings

Nice tasty, smoky, and oaky rum. But a little to watering (thin) for me.


Posted almost 7 years ago by Matt Coast from Finland with 30 ratings

Very good and beutiful rhum! First sip is a little bit harsh and bitter but those are fading background nicely! Not recomended for a beginner!

I tried with smokes and even mild cheese and taste was much smoother!


Posted almost 7 years ago by Brendan S from Canada with 55 ratings

I was a fair bit disappointed with the 1919 line and was a little hesitant to pick this up but everyone(/thing) deserves a second chance.

Nose: This had me worried. The 1919 has some stale/chemical smell to it which really put me off and this one has a hint of the same. I had to check with the 1919 that I didn't pick a class with dish-washing powder still on it. After leaving my glass to breath for a bit the 1824 seemed to get a bit better.

Feel: Sharper notes at the start rather than lingering after-taste. . Medium burn.

Taste: Lots of wood, a little citrus and vanilla and caramel. Standard flavours really. Solid, but nothing stood out as bring particularly different.

Presentation: I don't really like short bottles that much (would rather the shelf space) but this one is OK I guess. It came in a box and I normally enjoy the cards that come inside giving insight to the production but this had nothing in it but the bottle.

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Posted almost 7 years ago by James Young from United Kingdom with 21 ratings

This is a proper rum, not for a beginner. it's rich in flavor and is super complex. Great value for money and a big step on from the 1919


Posted almost 7 years ago by Sabrina from United States with 10 ratings

Seductive flavor with solid vanilla caramel and molasses upfront and subtle Caribbean spices


Posted almost 7 years ago by Jens Thomsen from Denmark with 97 ratings

Angostura 1824 Rum havde meget røg smag, men god duft og fine gardiner.