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The aroma has that sugar cane odor but rather mild. A little bit of astringency stings the nostrils.

The label identifies it as a "handcrafted artisanal rum". The Oaxaca organic cane harvest date is hand-written on the lower label as "2011" and also identifies the rum as coming from barrel 24-03.

Although it is self-described as being amber it is more of a very pale diluted apple juice. Supposedly it is aged for 3 years in used oak barrels from Missouri but it doesn't really have much of an oak bite to it. Rather smooth for a young rum. A hint of sweetness but a fairly dry rum overall. Has a bit of a burn to it with a spicy vanilla finish. Not quite a sipping rum but a pretty good mixer. If left to mature for several more years this rum would become even better in my humble opinion. Also, for whatever it is worth, the bottle carries the official USDA "organic" designation and apparently it is said it is the only rum with that designation.