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Puerto Angel Blanco rum

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Posted over 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

Although this is considered a white rum it does have a slight color to it. Sort of what water looks like with a slight mineral content. Just a hint of a straw color. Just barely. Gives it an interesting look in the frosted glass bottle. This rum is produced in the Oaxaca mountain region of Mexico and is designated by the USDA as "organic". This is a handcrafted artisanal rum produced in small batches. According to the lower yellow label my bottle was made from sugar cane harvested in 2011 and is from barrel 15-03.

The aroma reminds me of agricole rum. I am unsure if they distilled this entirely from cane juice but it wouldn't surprise me (UPDATE: Just confirmed that it is agricole rum). Has a little astringent sting to the nostrils. Nothing objectionable at all.

The flavor is surprising unharsh even though the rum has been aged a very short time in oak bourbon barrels. Just a hint of the oak is present. I do detect some sweetness and cane flavor. What is unusual is that I detect a mineral taste to it as well. Just a little that is noticeable on the finish mostly. A little fruit flavor present as well. Somewhat complex and surprisingly smooth. Although I recommend this as a mixing rum, try it neat at least once. This could be enjoyed as a sipper by some. I prefer it as a mixing rum. For me it works GREAT in Coke Zero. Good stuff. A bit exotic. And a pretty good buy. Not expensive at all.