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Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12-Year rum

Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12-Year

Jamaica | Aged

7.4/10 (206 ratings)
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206 Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12-Year ratings

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Posted 3 days ago by Clint Oosterbos from Netherlands with 5 ratings

Niet te zoete rum die prima puur te drinken is. Niet duur voor de kwaliteit.

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Posted 7 days ago by Ngordon87 from United States with 22 ratings

This is a simple Jamaican rum. Nice introductory rum as well. Not too sweet. But sweeter than other rums from Barbados. It is smooth, however I cannot drink this one neat. I prefer this in a rum old fashioned omitting simple syrup. Has a bit of bite at the end as well.

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Posted 14 days ago by Mujuru from United States with 47 ratings

'What do Jamaicans know about aged and blended rums?' (I thought to myself jokingly)....A whole freaking lot it turns out. Wow! This is very nice. Appleton 12 year Rare Blend is everything I had wanted MGXO to be. The thing that is so remarkable about this rum is just how damn sippable it is. I can't quite bring myself to give it a 9, but it is easily a high 8 at minimum. The aftertaste is simply delightful. So lets dive in...

The nose is overripe bananas, apples, caramel, a pungent floral bouquet, and sour apple hard
candies. Its got a nice pungency to it like sticking your nose in a flower bouquet. Once you take a sip you get immediate oak that quickly dissipates into caramelized apples and light but present fermentation packaged in a chocolatey smoothness akin to french liqueur chocolates. Think that is interesting? Well it gets better. The velvety chocolate rum taste fades into a chest warmth with grilled pineapple and nutmeg that lingers for a long time and entices you to start the cycle all over again. At every part there is a very pleasant funkiness lingering in the background, kind of like fruit in a pitcher of sangria. I will definitely be keeping this one around. This is very nice for a change of pace.

*Update* I am bumping this to a 9. On the second go around after every sip I kept muttering "damn!" to myself out of sheer relaxed enjoyment. This rum has a marvelous aftertaste and a great smoothness to it despite no added sugar and only being aged for 12 years.

Nose: 8
Palate: 9
Aftertaste: 10
Smoothness: 10
Versatility: 8
Price: 9

Total: 9

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Posted 19 days ago by Kalli from Portugal with 2 ratings

Very nice and smooth rum. Has a distinctive flavor and goes nice into scuba libre

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Posted 20 days ago by ZTrain1177 from Canada with 30 ratings

Enjoyable on its own or with your favorite mix. Highly recommend!

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Posted 24 days ago by Alas from Puerto Rico with 40 ratings

Well balanced, expected smoother for a 12 year old, but definitely great for mixing

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Posted 24 days ago by Limsn from Poland with 10 ratings

Very enjoyable meeting with a real 12 yo. I strongly recommend for sipping, however at the moment I slightly prefer Mount Gay XO.

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Posted 25 days ago by Foggyrumrunner from Canada with 25 ratings

Nose: mildly sweet wood, some banana and brown sugar, with a faint chocolate note at the end. I detect no Jamaican “funk” whatsoever (I like all types and styles of rum). Really nice nose! On the palate, it’s smooth, balanced, with sweet wood providing a framework on which one detects some banana, molasses and brown sugar as prominent flavours - but this rum is definitely dry, not sweet. A lovely sipping rum. Excellent price to quality ratio.

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Posted 29 days ago by Redrum from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

Aroma is quite funky with ripe banana and vanilla

Taste has less funk than you’d expect from the aroma but still has a little bit in there. Buttery brown sugar and very smooth.

Great as a sipper and makes a decent daiquri but not really one to use in cocktail. Very nice indeed

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Posted about 1 month ago by Taster from Switzerland with 108 ratings

Jamaican style.
Nose: fermented fruits,
I don‘t like the smell at all.
Palate: not very aromatic,
similar to Stroh-Rum. But pretty well balanced.